A modern teacher should be in the network with students and colleagues

Vera Taran


Odesa, March 6, 2015 – Vira Taran, biology teacher, head teacher of school № 8, Odesa, said at a briefing on the development of the creative initiative of students and how to do so that school in Ukraine ceased to be a “soviet”.


Now is dominated class-task system, which is 300 years. Teacher in today’s society is not the only source of knowledge. It is important to teach students to learn independently and interact with each other.


Now the program is overloaded, the load on the teacher’s huge. The children now require innovative lessons, and not teachers – “talking heads”.


Vira Taran gave an example of how children play computer games. You cannot pull them from the computer. Children do not need instructions to play games. They perceive them by trial and error. You can also build learning process. We must show them not only illustrations, but with interactive whiteboards to try the options, and see the reaction of the object on the actions. They are not afraid to make a mistake and know that eventually will reach the correct result.


If this board is not present, you can use cloud services, post tasks there, and students with interest will do it at home, trying to get a better result. The teacher should not scare student with mark. Creating of interactive exercises greatly increases the interest of pupils to study, but suggest the presence of a teacher in the network, the presence of his blog and account in social networks.


Children, even on a Sunday evening ready to play the quiz on biology, prepared photo-projects, and the next day enjoyed discussing their training.


Thanks to social networks can be provided not only students’ trainings, but also teachers’. Thanks to them, you can share your experience with other teachers. The teacher has to be in the network with the students and with his colleagues.


We must teach students to look for and use the information, to form groups.


If one teacher begins to work like this, his colleagues will follow him. As a result, pupils have very good grades, pass External Testing very well. We carry out the rating of students; they see it and understand that they can improve it.


We can change the world, if everyone will do his job with maximum impact. If every teacher will do its job with inspiration, creativity and innovation, the crisis in the education system is out of the question. Much depends on the willingness of teachers, payment, logistics, this is the second.