Activists of Maidan discussed in Odessa, where to send the prize named after Lech Walesa

In Odessa Crisis Media Center the association “Maidan Press” held a roundtable for activists of Odessa Euromaidan on where to send the Lech Walesa prize of 100 thousand US dollars.
“Euromaidan”, as a public association received the award on September 29. The participants decided to hold a civil discussion. To understand how to build a work with the prize, it is necessary to understand its philosophy. This award is given to those who opposed the terror with peaceful methods. Euromaidan received the award for his ability to unite, unite and peacefully defend their civil position.
It is awarded to those who defend freedom and other values ​​of the Polish “Solidarity” movement.
September 30 “Maidan Press” held a round table; format was chosen – civil discussion. Objective is to ensure transparency of the process. There will be held discussions in a number of cities from 2 to 16 November.
Roundtable participants put forward a number of proposals in key areas, where can be spent the money. Priority – money clearly should not be sent to war. Priority – to send it to make the state work, and began to carry out its functions.
Among the main areas, named by the roundtable participants, there are: patriotic and military-patriotic education of youth, the creation of national patriotic media products, dubbing all foreign media products on the Ukrainian language, medical aid to injured participants of ATO, and support of patriotic sentiments among the population.