After May 2nd. City lives its life, activists and law enforcers are protecting the peace of Odesa residents

Artem Filipenko


Odesa, May 5, 2015 – Artem Filipenko, political expert, held a briefing on “The anniversary of the tragedy on May 2 in Odesa: what conclusions have made Odesa residents”.


This year, on May 2 in Odesa, were taken unprecedented security measures. And this is understandable. The event is very resonant. It is good that this day has passed without conflict, though, and with the other hand remained dissatisfied.


Artem Filippenko said that judging by the number of people at both meetings, at the Cathedral Square and at the Kulikovo field, it is clear that social activity fizzles.


There is much discussed whether reconciliation. According to Artem Filippenko, history shows that such reconciliation is not possible in the near future. Participants of these events should themselves become the story, and then there will be a final reconciliation.


But do not forget, the expert said, that at the peak of the political activity of both parties of the conflict in Odesa attended to 20 thousand people, about 10 thousand each. The rest of the inhabitants of Odesa lived and live a normal life, but they vote in elections, determine the policy of the city and the country.


Despite the stability in the city, there are attempts to destabilize the situation by the attacks, and create fake web news organizations, such as “Narodna Rada of Bessarabia.”


The war continues in the Donbas, which means – such actions will not stop.


This year, local elections will be held on May 2 and the topic will be one of those policies that will actively use in their campaigns. Now in the first place when choosing who to vote for, not political issues go, but social. And then the best way to persuade people towards European values ​​and patriotism – it is the success of the reforms.


Artem Filipenko said that we hid under the slogans of federalization normal separatism. Therefore, against it so actively support Ukrainian patriots and power. Here the question is not what to call and what to do. Now there is a difficult question of decentralization. Authorities in the region could fall into the hands of local oligarchic groups that the weakness and backwardness of civil society can be dangerous.


Decentralization, he said, should be carried out soon in economics and finance. Previously, the same slogans of federalization not pursued economic goals, and there is no question of solving economic problems. It was only about the language and culture.


Last year, we feared, above all, May 9. Therefore, on May 2 it was to some extent unexpected. And this year, do not lose vigilance and neglected safety measures. Although, according to Artem Filipenko, all holidays will be peaceful.