After May 2nd. The medical examiner commented on the rumors about the number of victims and the causes of death of people on May 2, 2014

boris yavorsky

Odesa, May 7, 2015 – Borys Yavorsky, forensic expert, head of the Odesa Regional Bureau of Forensic Medicine, gave a briefing on “May 2: Myths and Reality. How many victims actually were. How I using social networking debunked rumors and myths”.


The expert said that the 2-3 of May last year have been a nightmare for him. Before every public action in the city, he was nervous, tugging colleagues, comrades. But he thought that will be an influx of injured. What happened was a nightmare. A few days forensics bureau was at work, without leaving it.


After the events of May 2 to Borys Yavorsky was a lot of different issues that immediately provide an answer to most of them, he wrote a separate text that published on the Internet, in his LiveJournal


According to doctors the questions were both sane and totally crazy.


Because of the mass of complaints, including from friends, he was faced with the problem of how to remain human at the same time a law-abiding and honest. He had to make a lot of effort to combine one and another.


The loudest and has nothing to do with the reality rumor – is that in the basement of the Odesa House of Trade Unions have been found hundreds of corpses. It spread both sides and pro-Maidan and pro-Russian. But, according to Borys Yavorsky, his colleagues, who examined the building after the fire, no corpse in the basement have found. The transportation of the number of dead would represent a big problem. Take out hundreds of corpses discreetly would be simply impossible. While the Kulikovo field until May 2 and then was under the scrutiny of different people.


Borys Yavorsky’s safe to say that after a massive collision on May 2 in the Greek St. and in the House of Trade Unions in the bureau of forensic medical examinations were delivered 48 bodies. The cause of death of those killed in the center of the city were shot wounds and people from the House of Trade Unions have died from poisoning by combustion products from the respiratory tract burns, injuries from blunt objects.


People with a cause of death, “a blunt object trauma” – those, who died from a fall from a height, when those, who were in the House of Trade Unions, was trying to escape the fire by jumping from the windows of the building.


The doctor noted that the injury from a blunt object – the subject is not necessarily a blow. This can be shot about something. Confirm that the people were killed already on the ground, can only finding on their bodies distinctive and characteristic injury, damage clothing. Nothing of the sort happened. All existing trauma of the victims could be obtained, and a fall from a height.


Recently leaked data forensic killed on 2 May. Group of May 2 blame for it someone from employees of forensic bureau. In this Borys Yavorsky states that this information, leaked data, does not fully correspond to the real and he has hectares of evidences, he is ready to give the competent authorities, but cannot make public because of the need to preserve the confidentiality of the investigation.


Myths about the events of May 2 Borys Yavorsky divides into two groups: technical and ideological. The technical myths about it – more than 48 victims, or that the people in the House of Trade Unions have died from poisoning by chemical warfare agents. Ideological myths say about the causes and consequences of the collision. According to doctor, one of the ideological myths is the notion that the events of May 2 prevented the conversion of Odesa to Donetsk. Borys Yavorsky said that this myth is intended to justify the death of people. According to his opinion, May 2 on the contrary prompted a new round of confrontation.


How difficult was it to work forensic scientists, it is the fact that three of the dead Borys Yavorsky knew personally. Two from the House of Trade Unions and one from Greek St.. And common acquaintances were almost with all dead. Therefore, many families turned to him, but, unfortunately, the medical examiner could not tell them a lot, like his colleagues, because of the secrecy of the investigation. But they consoled relatives of the victims as they could to stop the further growth of hatred in the city.


It is also widely rumored that most people in the House of Trade Unions died from gunshot wounds. Here the expert is sure that none of the victims in the House of Trade Unions have got lifetime gunshot wounds, which could lead to death.