To the Army will be mobilized 4 thousand people from Odessa region


Oleg Obukhov, assistant of regional commissar for legal work, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice, said at a briefing on how will pass a new wave of mobilization in the Odessa region.


From January 20 began a partial mobilization in Ukraine, including in the Odessa region. It will last for 210 days. Also in the country will be held the demobilization of those, who have been called in the past year in the period from March 18 to May 1. Will return of about 1.5 thousand people. Question to demobilize those, who called to other waves, will be decided in following presidential decree on demobilization.


Recruitment office tasked to mobilize around 4 thousand people, of whom about 700 – are officers. The peculiarity of this mobilization is that all military service will not be immediately forwarded to the military units stationed in the area of the ATO. Before that, all mobilized will be trained: soldiers and sergeants in training centers, officers – on courses at military academies.


All mobilized and their families will be distributed social guarantees, according to the law: they retain the place of employment, position, and offset by the average earnings, but not more than for 1 year. They will receive a salary as contract servicemen plus an extra charge for participation in the ATO. Also mobilized will be exempted from fines, penalties, interest on bank loan contracts and other types of contracts. Most banks are willing to provide for all military bank holiday at the time of service.


This year, in parallel with the mobilization will be conducted conscription. But there are no details of how this will happen. There is no Presidential Decree. Military age will increase by 2 years and will be from 18 to 27 years. Conscripts to the zone of the ATO will not be sent.


Mobilized in the first place, will be volunteers, in the second, those who have passed the appropriate military training. Now the Army needs crew members of armored vehicles, drivers, gunners, signalmen.


The problem with the required number of reservists is associated with the reduction of the Army, respectively, decreased in recent years and of trained reserve. There are specialties for which are enough of military service, but there are those, where will have to call on those, who have the appropriate civil specialty, but has not previously served. They will also be mobilized if necessary.


On receiving a summons, the person must arrive on time at the appointed place. If he does not – it is already a part of the crime. Refusal to sign for the summons, likewise, is a crime.


Laws on the mobilization of Defense said that mobilization can take place either during martial law, or before it.


On social protection of servicemen can contact the hotline: (048) 7953652, (048) 7341744 from 9 to 18:00 during working hours.