Association of communities will allow Ukrainians receive from the State more services than now

andrey hudik


Odesa, March 23, 2015 – Andrii Hudik, a member of the expert group “Resuscitation reform package”, manager of information projects of reform of administrative-territorial and local governments in the “Civil society institutions”, said at a briefing what will be a union of administrative-territorial communities within the framework of the decentralization reform.

Administrative-territorial structure of the country – a very popular topic, namely it defines what a state is.

The law about territorial association of communities means that those masses of those, who have the desire to unite and awareness of the need to do so, will now be able to implement it. In practice, such a merger will allow residents to receive services from the state more than they receive, living in a small bulk, because it cannot provide for them because of the poverty of their own resources.

Merge program for communities, adopted in Ukraine, one of the best in the world, because it has incorporated the experience of the most successful countries in similar reforms.

Then it’s up to the people themselves. The initiators of the process identified three subjects – the head of the local Rada, one third of MPs and one third of the inhabitants of community. They filed a claim, and then begin its consideration under certain method. It provides for the establishment of long-term plan that will show how a particular mass will fit into the structure of the region as a whole.

Included are 7 steps, the result of which will be new map of the area.

First of all will be identified potential centers of new communities. Here depart the place where have all necessary infrastructure. This may be the city of regional subordination, and regional centers and large villages. The optimal radius around the center of the grip – no more than 20 km. So it will be possible to determine which towns are drawn to which centers. Further defined territory requiring special attention (degraded areas).

The result will be new enlarged community. Now the country has 11 thousand rural councils. Of these, more than 40% have a population of less than one thousand people. Size determines the infrastructure. For example, there is a school with a population of at least 3 thousand people.

Further steps – determination of communities that can become centers of the district. The district has something that cannot be in communities. Such as major sports facilities, district hospitals. After determining the area of ​​future regional centers will address the issue of balancing their infrastructure. The result will be a change divided into districts and the new map of the region.

While the need for such reform is little understood by people. It is said that now is not the time. In fact, the crisis – the best for structural changes. Same Poland conducted a similar reform at much worse conditions.

The law about the association is primarily aimed at those, who want to change something and get ahead. Resistance comes from people, who are afraid of losing their places, let the rumors that will disappear village.

Therefore, the reform should be covered and indicate positive examples. The will must be shown at the regional level. If region is passive, the initiative will go to Cabinet level.

With the launch of the reform will change the principle of aligning the budget. To center will come less money, but many tax payments will remain enormous. The main thing to intensify activities in the region, and then the local budget revenues doubled, and tripled.

In the meantime, we live under the Soviet system, adopted in 1967.