Be smart! In Odesa works free project of management training and personal growth

Tatiana Bezverhniuk


Odesa, April 28, 2015 – Tetyana Bezverhnyuk, PhD, Professor, Head of Project Management Chair of Odesa Regional Institute of Public Administration, held a briefing on “Best practices for the effective management of the new elite managers in the framework of the project Odesa SMART-Forum”.


Tetyana Bezverhnyuk told that “Best practices for effective management of the new elite” – a project open and free, which operates on the basis of ORIPA.


The reason for his creation – hard communication vacuum between employers and universities, which train specialists for the market. Despite the abundance of diverse and high-quality information, now there is no relationship between the competencies expected by the employer and those experts, preparing in educational institutions. The slogan “to communicate with those, with whom you want to be” today is very difficult for its implementation. To overcome this problem was created this educational project.


One of its main objectives – to ensure profile employment of graduates. This includes the communication and exchange of knowledge of graduates with effective leaders, creative potential of young people, who want to achieve success.


Tetyana Bezverhnyuk reported that the project operates on a thematic, continuous and extended format. In the first case – it is constantly operating at ORIPA training center for professionals, who are willing to work today, manage conflict, and manage projects. Its main areas – leadership development, employee motivation, management of conflicts of interest, the use of modern information technologies for decision-making. There’s also a school of oratory. For high school students and students works a school of young manager.


All classes are free. For their conduct in the region are invited well-known businessmen, business coaches, experts in a particular direction.


Advanced format means unique events. In the near future they will be held in the framework of the All-Ukrainian Forum of Young Scientists “Smart-Forum”.


“Smart-Forum” – a unique format that combines under one roof the conference’s top five universities in Odesa. These conferences will be open, the students there will be able to share their experiences and knowledge with the older generation, to show their achievements. Opening of “Smart-Forum” will be held on April 29 at 10-30 at Odesa Film Studio, in the hall of the Vira Holodna.


In the afternoon, the conference will begin at different universities in the city. April 30 will be a series of eight unique master-classes, to which are invited leading speakers, businessmen and leaders of Ukraine. Will be presented seven areas, including international internships, management conflict of interest, and experience of launching startups in Odesa. Will also host a lot of master classes.


“Smart-Forum” – the all-Ukrainian forum. It brings together young scientists, the forum is their potential for the country and Ukrainian science. At 17-30 will host a discussion club in project management. Will hold its leading company Spider Ukraine, in particular, will address the issue of risk management in projects.


Request to all who wish to participate in the “Smart-forum” pre-register on its website.


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