Beaten activist of Euromaidan struggled with blackmailers of coffee cars owners

Mark Gordienko
Mark Gordienko, social activist, said at a briefing on the events of December 10 and the beating of Maidan activist.

Events of December 10-11, not so much related to Maidan, but with bringing order to the city and the fight against crime. Was beaten our friend, an activist, a man who helped “Rada gromadskoї bezpeky”, initiated the collection of money to help the Army near the coffee cars.

In the process of communication with the owners of these mini-coffee shops was found out that in the city appeared a company that in gangster methods, under the threat of violence, driving all street coffee cars under its wing.

Engaged in a kind of blackmail some security company “Nymph”, which has no office, and its representatives cannot be found. It turned out that the contract with the “Nymph” concluded Trade Management Executive Committee for the purpose of lobbying the interests of private Odessa coffee company.

Social activists managed to get all the documents related to the interaction of the trade, “Nymph” and Odessa coffee company. It turned out that they are illegally concluded.

The result was that the company initiated the process of deprivation “Nymph” license to perform security services, fired the head of the Executive Committee of Trade.

According to Mark Gordienko, at that time, and the city authorities and the Police with the Prosecutor’s Office showed their best side.

Excretion of the criminals to clean water marred only that unknown assailants attacked and beat activist, who first reported about the illegal activity of “Nymph”, Odessa coffee company and trade management.

Now the Police are carrying out investigative activities in the city to find the perpetrators.

The situation in the city right now, according to Mark Gordienko is controlled. “Rada gromadskoї bezpeky” works closely with the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office. Particularly serious works Regional Management of the SSU, less serious Police, but it’s better than it was before. With regard to the manifestation of separatism, they are, according to the activist, just working out Russian money, which reduced to night bombing of empty buildings, inscriptions on the walls.