Begins fund raising to purchase equipment for the pediatric intensive care

kuznetsova kiselar tymchyshyna


Svitlana Kuznetsova, Julia Kiselar Olga Tymchishina


Odessa, April 14, 2015 – Julia Kiselar, regional representative in the Odesa region All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “From heart to heart”, Svitlana Kuznetsova, head of social and legal protection of children from Odesa Regional State Administration, Olga Tymchishina, resuscitator, held a briefing on the topic: “Start of 10th anniversary action of ACF “From heart to heart”.


Julia Kiselar said that for 9 years, the foundation has collected 23 million UAH and 9% of them gathered in Odesa. On the money was bought acquired medical equipment to help children.

This year’s goal is to collect funds for the purchase of critical care for the youngest citizens of Odesa.


Olga Tymchishina told that the Odesa Regional Children’s Hospital treats children not only from Odesa and the region, but also from other cities and regions. It has more intensive care department with 15 seats, which is equipped with not only the budget equipment. Much has been purchased by private philanthropists and foundations. Modern equipment not only saves lives, but also allows them to not be disabled in the future.


Now, according to Olga Tymchishinoi, the department needs modern powerful and versatile respiratory equipment. It is very diverse, and especially necessary for infants.


Svitlana Kuznetsova said that not for nothing that this action takes place in the spring. It’s always flowers, Easter, mercy in the hearts of our citizens. Now is a difficult period for the country, so it is important charity. Service for children during 10 years is coordinating the passage of the campaign “From heart to heart”.


Foundation prepares all the necessary materials for the campaign: boxes for fundraising, promotional materials. The funds collected by volunteers. Everyone has the ID: ID with name and surname. Boxes are sealed, volunteers walk with them to the organizations and raising funds. Boxes are opened in the presence of the commission and the money immediately sent to the account. This year it is planned to buy intensive care equipment for children’s regional hospital. Equipment will bear special markings. It will also mean that the use of this equipment, always free.


Julia Kiselar reported that the action will take place from 1 to 30 April. Volunteers are involved in fundraising, pre-filled questionnaire. Volunteers can become young men and women aged from 14 years. None of the volunteers is in the streets, and does not walk the streets. Take to the streets, they can only April 26 and 27, during the final event. All volunteers work for free. They themselves do not open their boxes with funds. This happens in the bank partner in the presence of a special commission.


During the campaign fund holds special events: a flash mob dance battles, meetings, plays, concerts, interesting for young people. The volunteers offer visitors to give some, but who can. Everyone who donates money gets a special label in the form of heart. Flashmobs will be held at the Teschin Bridge, near the Opera House, on the Potemkin stairs. Hub in the Greek street, 1 arranges multiple master classes. The full list of events can be seen on page of fund “From heart to heart. Odessa” in the social network Facebook.


Svitlana Kuznetsova added that in recent years, thanks to the actions were bought ophthalmic equipment for the treatment of children, hearing aids, which were issued free of charge to children with hearing problems, many more different equipment. The Foundation works directly with manufacturers of medical equipment that allows to purchase more equipment, than in the case, where it is bought from dealers.