“Bomb fever” in Odessa

marchenko alla

Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region said at a briefing about last week details of incidents related to the bombings.


On Friday, February 6, at 4 o’clock in the morning was blown branch of “PrivatBank” on the avenue of Marshal Zhukov.


Were damaged facade, windows, car, and windows in the nearby houses. This information is entered into the single register of investigations under article “Deliberate destruction or damage to property”.


The investigation is complicated by the fact that the bank did not have CCTV cameras. This is more than strange, according to Alla Marchenko, because last year there was an attempt of arson of the office of that bank, then the space saved protective blinds. Then it was recommended for the leadership to install surveillance cameras, but it was ignored.


On the same day at 8 am, received information from citizens that in the street Dnipropetrovsk road, near a bank branch, is a suspicious object. On-site Police found a jar with a suspicious substance. It was drawn off to the side and defused. Substance is taken for examination.


In tighter Friday railway employees saw the strange device attached to the rails. In place went the Police, explosives and handlers. Bomb was defused in place. A criminal case on two counts: Art. 15 “Suspected crime” and Art. 112 “Sabotage”.


In general, that Friday was 8 such messages. Police checked all suspicious objects. When checking in these cases no dangerous substances were found.


Police thanked the citizens for vigilance and calls on to inform the Police on the hotline 7794092, 7794061, 7794561 about suspicious objects, persons, groups of persons and cars. In that situation, which is now in the country and in the region, our common task is to unite and work together.


The problem of masked men there is. React as possible. We do not require, but recommend to remove the masks.


The January board MIA in Kiev, which had to assess the work of the Odessa RDIA, was not carried out. Alla Marchenko explained that now is not the time to go and consult. Police are now fully focused on maintaining law and order in the region. Minister is aware of everything going and quick to respond to difficult moments.


According to the December explosion in the street Segedskaya, was established the identity of the victim, the investigation continues, but the rest of the details have not been disclosed.


Police of Odessa region is translated into a state of high alert. Leaders of central board decided that all patrol cars must move with the included flashing light, but without sound. This is done to ensure that people from Odessa see that the Police are in the streets, and they protect law and order, that it is possible to address. These patrols are moving in the general flow of transport, travel concede they do not need. Panic in this regard should not be, nothing happened in the city, on the contrary, included flashing lights make it possible to help the citizens more effective.