Boris Gumenyuk: We’ll have a lot of victims, Putin’s Russia will not stop



Odessa, October 31, 2014

Boris Gumenyuk, writer, second-in-command of Battalion OUN, said at a briefing on the attitude to the new President and Parliament, and on the future of the war with Russia.

From the new parliament, Boris Gumenyuk expects that it will not last long and maybe in March of the next year we will elect already on the basis of the new law, without the infamous “majority deputies”.  In such way Rada will be able to be cleansed of fellows like Kivalov, whose place is in the prison, not in parliament. Now in the Parliament passed a few dozen people, who have combat experience in the area of ​​ATO, which volunteers are highly respected. And they hope that they will do everything possible to soon we will have new, more dignified Parliament.

What about the end of the war anytime soon, our soldiers near Donetsk have no illusions. They believe that Putin’s Russia will not stop, and, at least, will pave the overland route to the Crimea. Boris Gumenyuk noted that this seems to know everyone, except our General Staff. This truce Putin needed only to regroup the troops and to lull the world community. Therefore, there will be victims of the war, and they will be much greater than it was until now. But no matter what, Ukraine will win this war and throw Russian terrorists from their land.

Stay on current positions and freeze the conflict is equivalent loss. Then the country will plunge into a general depression, no one will want to build a house and have children there, where at any moment the enemy can come and take away everything. Therefore, the victim will still be, and, Boris Gumenyuk is sure, we should not be afraid of it; otherwise we will not defend our life and liberty.

To win, we need military leaders, not businessmen from politics. And now, if our volunteers will be told to surrender their weapons and went home, they will not listen to such an order and will defend Ukraine. Kiev authorities are aware of this and are afraid of it.
For now, Boris Gumenyuk is sure – Ukraine is fighting on two fronts. There is Putin’s Russia, but there is also an internal enemy, on whom volunteers are very angry. However, with the new Parliament, even if there is no trust to it, there is a hope to neutralize the enemy.