Career of military is gaining popularity among young people


Major Larisa Yakobchuk, Major Herman Trushkov representing the Military Academy in Odessa, cadets of Academy, told at a briefing why youth now chooses the military profession.

A senior officer of department on work with the personnel of the Military Academy of Odessa Major Larisa Yakobchuk said that her staff and students are proud of the history of the Academy, among its graduates there are a lot of Heroes of the Soviet Union, generals. Two graduates became Heroes of Ukraine during the ATO. These are Taras Sinyuk (graduated in 2004) and Sergey Krivonos (graduated in 2000).

Major German Trushkov, executive secretary of the selection committee of the Military Academy of Odessa, said that now there is a very great interest for the university. Young people want to study there.

In 2014, the average competition was 3 people in place, and set up 250 people. We can talk about the great interest of young people in receipt of the military profession. In 2015, the set is increased to 350-370 people.

Documents for admission to the military academy can be prepared in March. They all pass through recruitment office. You should also register on the External testing. Those, who have successfully passed the External testing, rent credit for physical training and psychological tests.

Although the increase in the enrollment, the number of those wishing to enter the academy has also increased. In high school it is attributed to the fact that young people are aware of the fact that now in the country will increase the size of the Army, and will increase the prestige of the military profession. Participants of ATO enter the Military Academy out of the competition. You can enter the Academy can, if the age is from 17 to 23 years.

71 of those who entered the study this year have experience of military service. 26 cadets have combat experience gained in the area of ATO.

The students and teachers are sent to the area of ATO to apply the military knowledge and gain combat experience. Achievements, obtained in the ATO, immediately entered into the curriculum.

Cadet of 4th year of the Military Academy, Oksana Schur said that from her childhood she likes the uniform and people in uniform. It’s always been decent people. In the future she is going to engage in organization of material support of military units. Military operations in the East have shown how important it is for the Army Logistics now, which future officer is studying now.war2