Case of May 2 is being investigated politicized and unprofessional


Odessa, December 1, 2014

Tatiana Gerasimova, journalist, coordinator of the expert group of investigation the events of May 2, said at a briefing on the current state of affairs in the investigation.

Now continues official investigation of the events on May 2, according to some episodes already begun court.

On November 28, the group held a meeting with the relatives of the victims. This was the first meeting. It’s about 30 families of the victims. The group members did not want the meeting turned into a conversation. The goal was a constructive conversation and answers what to do next.

The group members came to the conclusion that the investigation is conducted unsatisfactorily, politicized and of poor quality. What happens in court – a consequence of the poor quality of the investigation.

Many of the relatives of the victims so far, six months later, live the day, the 2nd of May. After all, there remained forever their loved ones. And that prospect is that not all of them received the status of victims. No one explained to these people of their rights and responsibilities. Many discouraged from obtaining the status of victims and no one told them any procedural rights in this respect they are entitled.

Many claims have the relatives of the victims to the investigator Sushkov that leads thing politicized, insults the memory of the victims, saying that the victims were lumpens with the level of development of children up to 14 years.

The Commission filed a request to the Regional Department of Internal Affairs why not brought to justice those who drove the people to the House of Unions, who organized the massacre in the city center. The answer has not yet been given.

According to Tatiana Gerasimova, the ice melted at a meeting with the relatives of the victims only at the end of the meeting, when they realized that the commission is not only journalists, but also qualified experts who can assess various aspects, including judicial medical examination.

It is important to avoid political justice, because of it close to the political violence. Today, the expert said, we all need to demand a fair investigation and public reports from the head of the investigative group Rudnitsky about how the investigation is going.

First of all, should be given to official answers why given the opportunity to leave those who are started, why they now sit in warm offices in Moscow and the Crimea and organize the exhibition “Odessa Khatyn”.

In addition, a group of 2 May will seek dismissal fromthe investigation the investigator Sushko. Community members still have plans to demand an immediate briefing from the chief of the investigation team Nicholay Rudnitsky on the state investigation, who is in it suspects. Activists want to get the answer to the question, why not filed criminal charges against the leaders of the MES of Ukraine in the Odessa region, which does not allow the car to go to the fire, which is why many people died. Transcripts of negotiations of citizens and dispatchers of Emergencies Ministry indicate inactivity and low-skilled employees and Rescue Service.

Now experts group on May 2 is busy compiling the history of fire. This, according to Tatyana Gerasimenko, perhaps, is the most difficult task for the group.

Another issue rose at a press briefing – this is the work of the Odessa journalists on 2 May. Speaker gave an example, narrated by one of the relatives of the victims: at some point, a person in front of the camera, allegedly, journalist, began to gut the bag of one of the victims, took the passport and began to show it, to say that this is a separatist. And all this is seen 11 year old daughter of the deceased.

On the 5th floor crew discovered 17 bodies showed them, and thus dispensed horrible comments. Experts do not understand why there is generally could be freely crew, why the Police did not block outputs and conduct investigations.

All those who died, have some things, phones. Some of the things missing, some part are in the investigation department. Things are in the bags on the floor in one of the offices. They actually kicked, and are just as casually, as the memory of the victims.

September 16 representatives of the expert group said in a briefing that the House of Unions was carried out shooting, was wounded Russian citizen Andrey Krasil’nikov, Euromaidan participant, which then was recorded to the separatists. There were people killed by firearms, but were not killed snipers and fighters, but ordinary people. Those who killed, who organized, all escaped accountability. It is unacceptable when a person is suspected of murder, walks freely around the city, and sits on the dock many random people.

May 2 was prosecuted for several serious articles of Criminal Code. The investigation began keeping the Regional Investigation Department of Internal Affairs. May 5 it was given to investigative team handed the main investigation department of MIA of Ukraine. The first three days were critical. It was a huge amount of evidence in the House of Unions, and Deribasovskaya St. Part of the city had to be cordoned off, examine evidence, and instead came wipers and all was swept. House of Unions was opened to the public the next day, when not even all the bodies were taken, and the people photographed in their background. At this time, most of the evidence had been destroyed.