City officials stifle entrepreneurs, extorting bribes for renewal of leases



Odessa, February 24, 2015 – Inna Kravchuk, head of “Business Council of Odessa” and businessmen of the city, told at a briefing on corruption and extortion in the city Department of Commerce.


According to Inna Kravchuk, “Business Council” only protects entrepreneurs, who do not have debts to the state and leading their business honestly.


Just last year, the city lost 15,000 entrepreneurs because of the crisis in the country. And along with them jobs for the citizens of Odessa, and tax deductions. It would seem that local authorities should in such situation every way to help small and medium businesses. But it seems that all, who are now in power, are there the last day and want to finally snatch a little more, not thinking about anyone and anything.


Public of Odessa achieved the resignation of the former corrupt head of the trade, the dismissal of another odious employee of the organization. But, changing Petya to Anya, in the end it never changed.


Now, according to Inna Kravchuk, entrepreneurs of Odessa, including within the “Business Council”, faced the problem of extending the lease agreements. Even with good faith, who have no debts to the budget and the documentation is in order, require one thousand dollars. Without a bribe cannot easily go through all the instances. Small businesses should not have special contacts with the authorities. Everything should be solved through a single window, as has already been implemented in Illichivsk.


Polina Stoyalo, entrepreneur, said that now there is a war in the country, her husband protects our homeland in the area of ATO. And while he is fighting for our freedom, she is forced to deal with officials, who for 3 months kicking her from office to office, to extort bribes. It’s a shame to tears.


Entrepreneur Irina Logachevskaya said that the Department of Commerce named the same amount for a lease extension that lift it is simply impossible. Weight businesses closed, but officials are not doing anything to help them, totally indifferent to the fate of entrepreneurs.


Irina Solovyova, another Odessa entrepreneur, said all her statutory documents are in order. There are many entrepreneurs, who want to work honestly. And they have only one request to the authorities, if they do not help business, then they should at least do not interfere. She has two dependent children. Her tax payments give pension for several retirement pensioners. All that she need to continue the business – to extend the lease. But the authorities do not even want to do it.


Inna Kravchuk said that the current situation in the small and medium businesses is catastrophic. Half stopped 7 kilometer, big business goes abroad, a small business on the verge of survival. Business Council in this situation was supported by five political parties, and will participate in the coordination council of public organizations of the city, all together to break the corruption scheme in the City Department of Commerce.


Irina Samoylyuk, entrepreneur, said that corruption schemes are realizing not only the management of trade, but the management of architecture of the City Council. She managed to get past the first step in the management of trade, but it stalled in the management of architecture. Therefore, entrepreneurs require local authorities to extend the lease for free, if they work honestly.


Inna Kravchuk said that now market “7 kilometer” on the verge of closing. Each third container is no longer working. Many entrepreneurs go to work 1 day a week, so there are no wholesale customers. Previously bribe in the management of trade was 1.5 thousand dollars, now 1000, but with the growth of the dollar, this amount has become completely unmanageable. A year ago, the course was 8 UAH / USD, now 30. Now Odessa entrepreneurs determined to restore order in the extension of leases. First they go to the meeting to the mayor of Odessa Gennady Truhanov, on Friday plan to protest in front of the City Council.