Commission of Inquiry into the crackdown of Euromaidan tent city presented the results of their work


Alla Marchenko, Anatoly Boiko, Vladislav Serdyuk, Kirill Filimonov


Odessa, February 2, 2015 – Vladislav Serdyuk, Anatoly Boiko, Kirill Filimonov, members of the social group to investigate the crackdown of the tent city of Odessa Euromaidan, Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region held a briefing on the topic: “The results of an independent investigation of Euromaidan crackdown on November 25, 2013 “.


Alla Marchenko reported that an internal investigation revealed violations of the law enforcement officers that occurred during crackdown of the tent city.


In accordance with Article 16 of the Code of disciplinary penalties, the penalty cannot be imposed if it is more than six months from the date of the violation. However, it includes the period during which the investigation was conducted. The results of the investigation were sent to the Odessa Regional Prosecutor’s Office, there to assess the legitimacy of the actions of the police officers who guarded, detained and made protocols. Also, the prosecutor will consider the possibility of service of these persons.


Vladislav Serdyuk said that the investigation of the working group in conjunction with the Police was not easy. It took a long time. Many employees have already left the bodies of internal affairs. Those who stayed, do not remember many of the details, or do not remember anything. When investigating, the working group concluded that the November 25, 2013 was not just enforcement of the judgment, but action to eliminate the resistance acting to the power in the city. Initiators were city officials, and performers were Police officers.


The first thing that caught eye – for some strange reason, collection of the personnel was not made on 25, but 24, before the court decision, and the decision of the executive service of bringing the Police.


Attribute this to the fact that the average police officer overheard that the people in the tents are going to commit acts of hooliganism. On this basis there brought 150 people and two paddy wagons. In this case, the bailiff of the court has already handed over the post after a tent surrounded and drove paddy wagons.


Another question is what people broke tents and loaded personal belongings of the protesters to an unspecified car without license plates. The answer was that these people were not members of the Police or the representatives of public utilities. It turns out that the Police allowed the hooligans broke and stealing other people’s property, not keeping it, but when activists tried to protect their property, the Police began to arrest them.


The police officers misjudged the actions of activists of Euromaidan for the protection of property. The Commission has not seen in the actions of detainees bullying. Their arrest and delivery to the Police department had no legal basis and prosecutors should assess this.


Could not figure out who caused the injuries of activist. Because interviewed police officers suddenly “lost” memory. Were identified the employees who refused to present themselves, although obliged to do so, based on the requirements of the law “On Police”. Others said that simply were forced to obey the orders.


In this regard, Vladislav Serdyuk noticed that there is Disciplinary Code, which explicitly states that a police officer does not have to obey illegal orders.


On November 25, most of the orders were illegal. It should confirm the prosecutor’s office. The police officers should not interfere with peaceful demonstrations and beat those who came to express their opinions.


Kirill Filimonov said that in the court decision at 2am, there is no word about the dismantling of the structures, but only about the ban of the campaign. The Police had to make sure that the action is finished. Property no one was allowed to touch. He told Police that the action is completed and activists begin dismantling tents. But they were not given time to remove the tent. Immediately received an order to remove the camp, which began to carry out the unknown. In what way were unknown and the car without license plates on the location of the tent city no one has explained. Then they all disappeared in an unknown direction. The Police had to protect public order, but this task failed. Moreover, the actions were directed against the people whose property were stolen and destroyed. The action was coordinated at the highest levels of government.


After the detention of 3 activists at 9 am, supposed to happen court hearing on detainees. But up to the evening was not known where the two of them. All this time, Alexei Chorny was in the car. In what car, and why he was there for so long, is unknown until now.


Work group concerned only Police work, although to crackdown of the activists were involved in the city government, utilities, executive office, the judge, head of the legal department Ishchenko filed a lawsuit and directed all events. Of all these individuals should be investigated further.


Anatoly Boiko said that it is expected the system tries to protect these people. This is reflected in the formal approach of total “amnesia”, “joke” about a certain employee griffin, which heard something in court, and began to prevent hooliganism. But, in spite of the resistance of the system, the group was able to prove the specific violations by members of the Interior Ministry. Identified specific violations and the people, who committed it. Unfortunately, they are less than it should be. But it’s more than nothing. Now these people can be brought to justice.


They can respond in two lines. The first line – the prosecution investigation. The second line of response – lustration test, as there are doubts about the efficiency of the prosecutor’s check. The investigation there is a long time, but prosecutors did not bother to achieve at least the results, accomplished by the Commission.


MIA is trying to hush up the system and put under the carpet, even the results of the investigation. The Commission did not give in hands the results of the investigation, only extract without a surname. Commission was denied in a meeting with the head of RDIA Ivan Katerynchuk. Someone in the leadership of the Ministry of Interior clearly does not want that the results of the investigation get legal consequences.


Members of the Commission require the publication of the results of the internal investigation. It is socially important work and the public has a right to know who violated the rights and freedoms of citizens.


The Commission requires the lustration test for these individuals. Society should control how they will pass lustration test.


The Ministry of Interior has all opportunities to punish and prosecute those, who violate the rights and freedoms of citizens. So MIA can tweak its reputation, otherwise it will be a perfect illustration of the Police attitude to reform.


Social activists do not exclude the pickets and street actions and promises that will not stop on the results of a formal internal investigation. First, participants of the Commission felt that the Police are sincerely trying to improve, but now in this regard, it is highly questionable.