In connection with the terrorist threat, Police is working in emergency mode

Alla Marchenko2701


Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region said at a briefing on the current situation in the city and the region.


Within three weeks, until January 23, Police were on duty in the enhanced version. Crime in the city, during this period, decreased by 2 times. Due to the difficult situation in the country and the terrorist threat, since 24th of January the Police continue to serve in the same mode. On the most important areas are set up checkpoints. The Police are on duty in cooperation with the National Guard. Taken under protection volunteer centers and strategically important objects. The public organizations “Storm”, “Bolgrad”, the National Guard troops are helping Police. All of them are under the jurisdiction and control of the Police.


Law enforcement agencies are constantly taking measures to ensure public order and safety. For its part, the Police asked citizens to help law enforcement agencies, to report about suspicious persons and objects, cars, which have long been left unattended. This can be done by phone (048) 7794092 and 7794061. Phones are multichannel and work around the clock.


January 22 received information about a suspicious bag found in the street Staroportofrankovskaya corner Leningradskays St. Demolitions checked bag, but there were only clothes and hygiene items.


On Friday evening, received information about the explosion in the Pasteur St. It turned out that the reason was the remains of carbide, which was thrown into the hatch, from which accumulated gases and the explosion occurred.


Now for all suspicious facts the Police and demolitions go. In January, up to 31, the operation “visit” is conducted in the city. Collaborate with district population. Communicate and conduct crime prevention. Particular attention is paid to elderly lonely people. They are told what to watch out, the Police transmit information about them in social services for the establishment of further patronage.


With regard to the crimes connected with journalistic activities, in the past year was opened 28 criminal proceedings. 2 proceedings under Article 125 of the Criminal Code – bodily harm, 3 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code – theft, 2 of Article 186 – robbery, 1 under Article 187 – robbery, 5 Article 194 – intentional destruction or damage of property, 4 of Article 196 – careless destruction or damage of property, 10 under Article 171 – impeding the lawful professional activities of journalists, 1 article 129 – threat of murder.


This year has already recorded 3 facts about violations connected with journalists.


Last year in Odessa was recorded 147 accidents involving children, which resulted – one baby died, 161 were injured. In the region of the accident were recorded 310 accidents in which 11 children were killed and 331 were injured. Most get in an accident at the age of 6 to 14 years.


Among the affected children were 106 passengers, 228 cyclists, 25 ruled mopeds. In this regard, the Traffic Police strongly recommend for adults and children to fasten themselves with seat belts, use special seats for children.