Corrupt officials will continue to fall into the containers



Odessa, 13 October 2014

Gennady Chizhov, a political expert, said at a briefing about whether the continuation of “junk lustration”, who commits it and for what reasons.
According to the expert, ” junk lustration” in Odessa, burning tires in front of the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration in Kiev – all this is a natural reaction of society to the fact that the government dragging its feet on reforms and fighting corruption. Society in this situation took to solve these problems for themselves. Although from a legal point of view, this is definitely an offense, it is inevitable phenomena from the standpoint of revolutionary necessity.
Gennady Chizhov noted that radical steps of public have a strong influence on domestic policy. For example, the president dismissed Defense Minister Valery Geletey just after public protests. Now everyone expects resignation of Attorney General Vitaly Yarema.
Splash of radical protests occurred after the signing of agreements with Russia in Minsk. Patriotic activists, after the threat of external aggression fell a little, drew attention to the internal problems. After all, without reforms, the situation has only worsened.
Street lustration is a natural public reaction to government inaction. Some opponents of such actions accuse the radical right in the fact that their anti-corruption methods street lustration – a special project of Russian secret services to discredit the new Ukrainian authorities. But the expert is sure that such accusations are groundless, work with various representatives of right-wing organizations shows that they act sincerely and selflessly wanting speedy changes in the country for the better. Especially because many of the street “lustrators” defended the independence of Ukraine on Maidan, and in the east of the country.
People’s patience is not endless. They see that there is no reform, but in the authority are questionable personalities. In Odessa, for such candidates include MPs Edward Matviychuk and Sergey Kivalov. The expert noted that lustration by traditional methods is not always successful. Thus, the pre-election opinion poll showed that Kivalov is the undisputed leader in his constituency, and to abandon an MP under pressure from the public is not going to. But Edward Matviichuk may drop out of the election process for one reason or another.
Street lustration has gone beyond just fighting corruption. Gennady Chizhov gave examples of successful actions of public figures against drug points. Their actions to eliminate it have been so successful that it has admitted even Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Now, in terms of social activists from the Right Sector and Self-Defense is to distribute street lustration on illegal boozers and underground casinos.
Right Sector now engaged in the carrying out its own investigations. So soon we can expect further acts of street lustration. One of the possible objects is military commissars. For example, one of the Odessa military commissioners showed fleet cost of 250 thousand dollars.
Sometimes the Police open criminal cases against activists, conducting street lustration. But representatives of the Right Sector said they would not allow its members to be condemned of hooliganism. To prevent the prosecution of its members, Odessa right-wing radicals are going to picket the courthouses and block the meetings.
At the same time, the expert noted that in Odessa region have not been a single case of bribery of patriotic organizations and use them in the interests of certain politicians. Their members are voluntary; they are united by a common ideology. Predict a decline in activity “street lustration” while it is impossible – there are a lot of problems in the country and the authority is not in a hurry to solve them. It comes even to the point that ordinary people do not seek help from the law enforcement agencies, but from the social workers. And those are willing to help. Recently, Self-defense and the Right Sector have not allowed to be illegally evicted from apartment a woman with a child.
In the near future social activists will monitor the fairness of the elections. Apart seeing directly at the polling stations they will create mobile rapid-response teams to block those places where possible manipulation of the ballots.
Separately Gennady Chizhov focused on the issue of “technical” candidates for deputies of Verkhovna Rada. In some counties, the number is huge. According to expert, in 133 district there are 22 such out of 34 applicants, in the 134 – 17 out of 25, 135 – out 37 of 47, 136 – 15 out of 24, 137 – 6 out of 15, 138 – 6 out of 15, 139 – 3 out of 12, 140 – 16 out of 25, 141 – 32 out of 41, 142 – 20 out of 25, 143 – 18 out of 30.
“Technical” candidates are needed for their “patrons” for a greater number of their people in the commission. So they get control of the Commission. And its members will quietly shift ballots to a desired stack, without hesitation even in front of the cameras. Some candidates become technical on Election Day. They offer such amounts that they are willing even to risk a continuation of their political career.
As for the rating of political forces participating in the elections, Gennady Chizhov announced the following sociological data on the Odessa region:
“Block Poroshenko” – 22.3%, “Strong Ukraine” – 11%, CPU – 8%, “Opposition bloc” – 7%, “People’s Front” – 6.6%, “Gromadyanska pozitsіya” – 6.2 %, “Batkivshchyna’ – 5.5%, the Radical Party – 4.4%, “Right Sector” – 3.7%, Internet Party of Ukraine – 3.5%, “Samopomich” – 3%, “Svoboda” – 2 5%.