Diabetes of children is treated with only one way

Tatiana Luchnikova

Tatiana Luchnikova, endocrinologist KP “Odessa Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital”, chief freelance children’s endocrinologist of Health Department of Regional Administration said at a briefing about the problem of diabetes of children.


Diabetes mellitus – is one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. At the moment about 290 million people are sick. There are two types of diabetes – congenital (type 1) and acquired (type 2). The second is the most common type. As a rule, its appearance is associated with overweight and it occurs in people. The first type of diabetes most often affects children and young people. It appears due to genetic defects in the immune system. Stress, viruses, microbes – these are the factors that activate the genetic malfunction.


If Type II diabetes can be controlled with diet, the first type can be cured only by insulin injections.


People with diabetes have to get the first type insulin injections daily. Thus ill or pancreatic cells not produce insulin or produce extremely small.


There occurs autoimmune process – when one cell is attacking another. This is a special genetic predisposition. Owing to external factors diabetes gene activated immune system varies.


Rate of blood glucose level of healthy child is 6.1 millimoles per liter, and after 2 hours after eating 7.8. If the parents note symptoms, such as constant thirst, dry mucous membranes, increasing the number of urination, weight loss, they should contact the primary care pediatrician for a referral endocrinologist, or self-refer to the children’s regional hospital to the doctor-endocrinologist.


Now the world is much attention paid to modern developments in the treatment of diabetes. But, in spite of the large number of information about the disease, the primary method of treatment of diabetes first type is insulin replacement therapy. Insulin – a key for the introduction of glucose into the cell. Glucose cell has the same the energy required for its operation.


To date, there are Glucometers, there is a school of diabetes, where children are taught how to behave, what to do, how to control your diabetes. Doctors and patients must constantly interact, to offset the negative impact of diabetes.


We are waiting for the emergence of radical treatments for diabetes. And the child must go to it in a compensated state.


You can often find information that diabetes in children treated with herbs, acupuncture and bio-additives. Expert stressed that at the moment methods of treatment of diabetes of the first type, in addition to insulin, do not exist. All other statements – nothing more than publicity stunt. Now, according to the Ministry of Health, there are 8670 sick children in Ukraine. In Odessa, on January 2014 were registered 420 sick children. Each year in the region are fixed 60-75 cases per year. An important point of prevention is breastfeeding.


All children with diabetes are fully provided with high-quality imported insulin for free.


The fact that diabetes will be inherited is inconclusive. But if two parents are sick, the probability that the child will be sick – about 20%, if one parent is sick – about 3%.