“DPR” shelling civilians and does not believe in its own future


Odessa, November 13, 2014 – Marina, a refugee from Gorlovka, said at a press briefing, who fires a peaceful towns in Donbas.
Shooting in the city does not stop. On the day of Marina’s departure from Gorlovka, the school located near her home remained completely without glasses. “Grads” ride freely as milk tankers, can just stand there and fire at the Ukrainian army or civilians directly from the yard of a house.
It is said that in Gorlovka available to buy a machine gun for 300 UAH. But people do not rush to buy weapons, because they know that it is illegal. Almost everyone knows that sooner or later this madness will end and return Ukraine. Do not doubt that even ardent supporters of the “DPR”. Most of the population want to stop shooting, they do not care, “DPR”, Russia, or Ukraine.
About who shelled the city everything is clear too. Any fighter from such attacks did not suffer, as well as the building where they are based.
There is no print media in Gorlovka. 2 web sites support Ukraine, but the television broadcast only Russian. Only few have Internet access. In addition, due to lack of money people give up cable and Internet.