Entrepreneurs are trying to run the work of the Public Council at SFS


Odessa, February 12, 2015 – Leonid Shtekel, social activist, Inna Kravchuk, head of the Business Council of Odessa held a briefing on “New Public Council at SFS – problems and solutions”.


Inna Kravchuk said that at the State Fiscal Service in Odessa region is running Public Council for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs and participation in the development of legislation on business activities.


The Council has been in existence for several years, but over the years the entrepreneurs do not even know about it. Nobody knew its functions and tasks, why do we need it.


Now the situation in the country and the region is critical, so the Business Council of Odessa and other public organizations have teamed up to become part of the Public Council to make it work in full force and defend the rights of entrepreneurs to create on its basis a kind of union.


Public Council at the TaxService now leads Mr. Shemyakin, representative of the “old guard”. These are permanent members of the council, who used it to lobby for their interests, but not for the development of the region.


This time has been put forward another candidate for the post of the head, Inna Kravchuk, but did not get 5 more votes. The task of such a move was – to keep the confidence of entrepreneurs to the Council, so that people not lost faith in it.


One of the obstacles to the full work of the council – the fact that many of its members are in it hypothetically, entrusting their proxy functions to other members of the board, which, in turn, is also a lobby for its interests there. Leonid Shtekel said that he respects Leonid Shemyakin, know him more than 20 years. He was always the head of the Public Council, but he did nothing to protect the business. The situation worsened in the region, but the Public Council took no action. There are more odious people in the council, and Shemyakin – screen for them. Now public activists are asking Kiev to organize procedure of lustration for public organizations. There are organizations unrated and weight, but they occupy a seat on the board and do not allow others to act.


Now the activists want to get advice to be more proactive. To carry out this there are audio-workshops with entrepreneurs to establish a procedure of survey of entrepreneurs. People need to understand that they can influence the activities of the tax. Now at a public council on the initiative of Inna Kravchuk created staffing and corruption commission. The public should be involved in the control of personnel. Businessmen want real change, real control over the actions of officials of the fiscal authorities.


Inna Kravchuk believes that the state will hear community members if they come with bulky and prepared proposals. To filter tax employees should the entrepreneurs themselves. Because they know who deserve to work and who seeks only to accept bribes.


In the meantime, 2.5 months council did nothing. Organizations, which seized power there, just write regulations and protocols. But entrepreneurs need to urgently respond to innovations in state tax policy.


After all, business conditions in the country are deteriorated. Last year, ceased the operations 18571 entrepreneur and their business began only 3794 people. This in turn leads to the loss of jobs in the region. A recent government reforms only increased the tax burden and corruption pressure on businesses.


Therefore, among the demands of activists – a law approving of the personal liability of tax for groundless material loss of entrepreneurs, exclude the possibility of withdrawing funds from the businesses without a court order, to establish uniform tax rates: 10% and 18% of REAP on the CAP.