Experts from the group “May 2″ named the cause of deaths in the House of Trade Unions

Vladimir Sarkisian

Odesa, April 17, 2015 – Volodymyr Sarkisyan, an expert toxicologist from expert-journalistic investigation team on events of May 2, said at a press briefing on the findings of the investigation on the causes of deaths in the Odesa House of Trade Unions.


The expert said that almost a year has passed since May 2, and puzzles as they were, and have remained. We must understand that our law enforcement agencies had no experience how to behave in such situations. They were wildly confused on May 2, were confused also on 4 of May. All their plans were theoretical. In practice, such mass disorders were not before in Ukraine. Experience in Kyiv Maidan added nothing to their piggy bank, especially as there was quite a different confrontation.


Power was confused and began to talk nonsense about the appalling number of casualties, killed and wounded, about chemical warfare agents and phosphorus with chloroform. And all these rumors are circulating so far, not refuted.


The first group of rumors was caused by confusion of authorities (about chloroform and other poisons). The second group became part of the information war (incendiary weapons and an incredibly large number of victims). The third group of rumors spawned officials of Odesa region, trying to evade responsibility, primarily Vo Bodelan lodymyr, head of Odesa rescuers. He spoke of the chemical warfare agents, and that the fire almost was not, and the people did not die from it.


Law enforcers behaved as if nothing had happened, did not inform about the investigation. Central media also pay little attention to this tragedy. Despite the fact that the enemy has created the brand “Odesa Khatyn” and under it gathers volunteers in Russia for the war in the occupied territories of Donbas.


According to official data, voiced by the head of the regional Police Ivan Katerynchuk, 9 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning, 6 were killed by the body burns, respiratory tract and combustion gas poisoning, 14 people were killed by unidentified gases of combustion, 2 died in hospital from burns, three from burns and carbon monoxide poisoning, 8 people were killed by a fall from a height, when jumping out of windows. In the conclusions of the deaths of many of the victims there is a statement that they were poisoned by “unidentified gases, fumes and evaporation”. Nobody that wording specified, what sustains life of rumors.


Volodymyr Sarkisyan noted that this formulation coincides with International Classification of Diseases, and is not something unique. Where these could appear unidentified gases, smoke and fumes? The answer, according to Volodymyr Sarkisyan is simple – during combustion carbon monoxide, pairs (liquids) and smoke (slurry solids). They are the perfect balance of action may lead to death.


Therefore, the mysterious diagnosis of this masks really banal carbon monoxide poisoning. Used in Odesa laboratory techniques for the detection of carbon monoxide due to hemoglobin in the blood of a few imperfect. That substance is masked by smoke and vapors.


Experts of the group “May 2” made layouts of bodies of victims on different floors of the House of Trade Unions. By different colors were marked people, depending on the cause of death.


Volodymyr Sarkisyan explained that carbon monoxide – a product of incomplete combustion of organic substances. The closer the combustion source – the more dangerous concentration of carbon monoxide. Also play the role of the individual characteristics of the organism and the arrival rate of carbon monoxide in the body.


The state of stress increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Can occurs chemical stunning. Carboxy hemoglobin – a substance which is produced in the blood during its contact with the carbon monoxide. If its concentration in the blood will be more than 20% – is already the likelihood of death. More than 50% – is almost certainly fatal injury. Carbon monoxide poisoning eliminates the human capacity for self-salvation, as it causes mental disorder.


The presence of carbon monoxide in the blood detected by laboratory methods, but if the carbon monoxide concentration is less than 40% – it is difficult to detect. Usually the victims are found on fires. There was a high temperature. At higher temperatures, the gas concentration in the blood decreases. Reduction may reach 10-15%. Also, the blood thickens and it is also difficult to detect carbon monoxide in the blood.


Carbon monoxide poisoning is present throughout the history of mankind. In ancient times, the laboratories were not, but carbon monoxide poisoning can be diagnosed by their appearance, which is quite characteristic. It’s bright red color of blood, red spots on corpse, pink color of skin, bright red muscle and general signs of oxygen starvation. Sometimes there are symptoms of a quick death.


With this in mind, considered all the documents available to the group for the victims of the House of Trade Unions. There are documents on 23 of the 34 fatalities (this does not include those, who died from a fall from a height). Picture of the death of almost all of these people fits into all of the above. People had any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning or died from burns.


When the whole causes of death have been established, a group of 2 May set out to reconstruct the picture. Vladyslav Balinsky developed a scheme of fire spread. He combined it with the layout of the bodies of victims on the floors. At the first stage of the fire were places where people would be comfortable, at the same time they did not feel carbon monoxide poisoning. The first victim – died from carbon monoxide is that in no way determined by human senses. Then began the second stage of the fire – there was an outbreak and the release of hot gases. People standing in niches in the stairwells were killed almost instantly.


Having considered something from which people were killed, and the course of the spread of fire, a group of 2 May concluded that the main cause of death for people in the House of Trade Unions – actions of rescuers, who left the in 40 minutes after the call, and began to put out an hour later, and the Police, which did not prevent the entry of people in the House of Trade Unions. Almost all the dead had a chance to survive, start extinguishing time and shew medical aid to the victims immediately.


Most of all, according to Volodymyr Sarkisyan, striking silence officials. After all, it is not a work of community members – to investigate the causes and report them to the people. All these data authorities could present and interpret already 2 July, 2014, when the examination ended. Why was it decided to ignore all these facts, it is not clear, especially since all the information is still surfaced.


Vladyslav Balinsky, the expert of the group, said that Molotov cocktails were used by people from Kulikovo field from the roof, and with a barricade in front of the House of Trade Unions. The video shows how the bottles start flying from the House of Trade Unions before approaching of Euromaidan people to it. It can be assumed that the mixture was poured into bottles just in the lobby. Fire could occur due to the strait of gasoline inside the building, in the lobby, or because of the “misfire” when throwing bottles.


Bottles with Molotov cocktails were thrown from barricades and from the lobby. Kulikovo people used them inside the building when there entered fans. All of this can be seen in the video, which are at the disposal of the group on 2 May.


Now, according to Vladyslav Balinsky, we cannot say how horrible an open flame got on a wooden barricade. There are 3 versions: 1) bottle came from the outside; 2) the bottle hit from the inside or the wick fell out with the cast; 3) flashed a flammable liquid, which is bottled in the lobby.


Volodymyr Sarkisyan noted that the expert group of government is not helping. So, they are already 11 months denied in an interview with the head of the investigation group. We can only praise actions of doctor,s who on May 2, without thinking about the danger to themselves rescued people, were under stones and firebombs.