“Falcon-Jura”: an interesting game and a school of patriotism



Odessa, October 16, 2014 – Tatiana Kozlanyuk told at the briefing that the system of patriotic education was always necessary. Actually it is up and running, it is carried out in every educational institution. But children cannot always be interested in talking about the history and dignity of the people. The best way to do it successfully is a game. Back in the days of the Soviet Union, was a game “Sheet-lightning”, which played with gusto and Movers and Losers, interested in politics and those to whom it was completely uninteresting. The need of such a game is strongly felt today. It is important to focus on the unique customs and rituals of the Ukrainian people, on what distinguishes it from others.

It was important to create a game that not only brought up to be patriotic, but the one, that would use the traditions of our ancestors. In 2003, first appeared “Falcon-Jura” – a game that has absorbed gaming components, patriotic, and educational. But the game was quickly forgotten, and the next time it spent in 2009. Initiated by the government, according to the documents, it had to be carried out once every three years. So the next time the competition held in 2012. Such a big break led to the fact that the game was forgotten; there was no incentive to actively prepare for it.

Therefore, in 2014 it was decided to conduct a “Falcon-Jura” annually, beginning in October of this year. The month of October was chosen because on October 14, on the day of the Intercession of the Virgin, in Ukraine celebrate the day of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

The game takes place in several stages. First teams compete within the school; the best of them compete in the district. The winner of the district game goes to the regional game, and the team that wins, will compete for the title of the best in Ukraine.

Teams are divided into different age groups: 7-10 years – little Cossacks, 11-15 – younger Cossacks and 15-18 years old – young Cossacks. They compete in military training, health care, in a song contest, drill, cook Cossack traditional dishes, in particular Kulish. Much attention is paid to the study of Cossack traditions.

Julia Filer said that regional tour “Falcon-Jura” will be held in Odessa on 17-18 November. November 17 at 10 am on the parade ground of the Military Academy will host the opening of the game. Then competition will be held on drill sergeant, shooting, local history quest.

The second day of the game will take place on the coast, near the beach “Dolphin”. There the young Cossacks will compete in the obstacle course, primary health care, carrying the victim, overcome the wetland, dam.

Participate in the regional round will be 4 teams of the three areas of the region and Suvorov district of Odessa.

Tatiana Kozlanyuk explained that the name of the game is directly related to the history of Ukraine and the Cossacks. By “Juras” our ancestors called the young pupils and squires of experienced Cossacks. Juras, before recognizing as Cossacks held moral and physical tests, cultivated moderation, self-confidence, good judgment.

Wisdom, generosity, courage are the key words in the education of participants of the game, the future Ukrainian Cossacks-knights.