How a famous Odessa artist became Santa Claus for orphans

Ded Moroz&Snegurochka
Musician, writer, curator of contemporary art Sergey Bakumenko and Elena Dovzhenko, a psychologist, told at a briefing on their philanthropic initiative.

In the image of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, they visited the 103rd orphanage, where have arranged a holiday children with the distribution of gifts.

Seeing how openly, easily and sincerely little orphans perceive their performance, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden decided to give the joy of communicating with fabulous characters and other inmates of orphanages.

Elena Dovzhenko explained that children under the age of 1 year shaped relationship to the world, and it is important to give them joy and happiness at this time.

Sergey Bakumenko said that after the performance a little girl ran to him and said, “I believe you, you are kind”. After these words he broke down, crying and decided to give the joy of the holiday to the greatest possible number of children who cannot get parental attention and affection.

Elena Dovzhenko said that in an orphanage, she felt that light souls live there, and that to do good deads is simple.

Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are ready to perform for free, and the only thing they are asking the authorities or the administration of orphanages – to help with transport. To contact Santa Claus, please call +380930231605

Irina Ulianickaya

Sergey Bakumenko presented at the briefing the artist Irina Ulianitskaya. Exhibition of her work will be held in the rotunda of City Garden, December 28, 2014 Time: from 12-00 to 16-00. The exhibition is called “Lentil happiness” and works are made of lentils.

Exhibition ” Lentil happiness” riddled with Christmas mood and carries a positive charge. Artistic image of the exhibition – cute goat, which, together with the artist, from each picture wishes all the very best for the coming 2015.