Those, who fired on a checkpoint under Volnovakha – murderers, not soldiers

Alex Dobrozhansky


Odessa, January 16, 2015 – Alexander Dobrozhansky volunteer, returned from the zone of ATO, said at a briefing on how the local population living in the occupied territories.


According to him, all who could leave the regions, where fighting is – gone. There are only pensioners, those who are being held by something and frank enemies. Being literally in hell, these people still do not like and will not like Ukraine. They are angry at all, do not support anyone. They hate all Ukrainian, as before, but also with regard to Russia and Putin have no illusions. Exceptions, people, who help the Ukrainian Army are very little. They organize the struggle in the occupied territories.


Most normal companies left Donetsk and Lugansk, took staff. Now close the message on many routes linking terrorists from occupied territory and Ukraine. Although many from desperation, trying to break through, such as people, who died in the bus under Volnovakha. Most have to travel to get pensions and social benefits. But, given the situation at the front, it can equate to suicide. They are afraid of men in uniform and with weapons, run away from them on both sides. Especially sorry for those, who would like to leave, but cannot do so for health reasons.


On the southern outskirts there are many Kadyrov’s people. The air is stress. People go just in case, do not walk, cars go very fast. At checkpoints of DPR there are mostly local, but under the control of Russian officers. It is noticeable, that they are trying to introduce at least some system in gangs.