The first results of the investigation on liquidation of the tent camp near the monument to Duke


Vladislav Serdyuk, Anatoly Boyko, Kirill Filimonov


Alexander Marushevsky

Odessa on 10 December 2014 – Briefing on “The interim report of Police-public commission to investigate the liquidation of the tent camp at the monument to the Duke”.

Speakers: Vladislav Serdyuk, Anatoly Boiko, Kirill Filimonov, members of the group to investigate the events of November 25, 2013, adviser to the head of Regional Department of Internal Affairs Alexander Marushevsky. Anatoly Boiko said that the tent city of Euromaidan at Duke was brutally torn down about a year ago. Then was admitted a number of violations of law and human rights. No one was punished for it, did not find, and not returned to the activists the stolen property.

In late November 2014 was organized by social activists protest to be reminded of this. Ivan Katerenchuk the head of Regional Department of Internal Affairs, met with activists, and then set up a joint team of Police officers and members of the public to finally investigate.

Vladislav Serdyuk said that the group’s work has already begun and some things have already started to clear up. The band members questioned the affected participants of Euromaidan, some Police officers, bailiff, who read out a court order to suspend the action, have looked video of crackdown.

Pre can draw the following conclusions: Performer read the court’s decision, in which was not a single word about the arrest, dismantling, confiscation. The bailiff said to Commission that after his departure, Euromaidan representatives themselves had to assemble the tent and go. He categorically denied that to the activists had been used physical violence and other punitive measures. In the dispersal involved incomprehensible people about whom said that they were homeless, or wipers, which began to destroy property and ship it in a car without license plates.

In reality, from behind the Police jumped about 30 “titushka” men, which had started with force to remove the tents and load them into the car. From that moment the Committee members perceive the beginning of a series of violations of the law by the Police, abuse of authority, or else criminal omission. First of all, the Police should not allow to the camp “titushka” men, the more, they should not let them steal and destroy the property. Instead detain those, who destroyed someone else’s property, they began to detain Euromaidan people.

Another evening, November 24, Police personnel were assembled. Although at that time was not yet known when the Executive Office will present a resolution. By the time of the reading, has been tailored 2 paddy wagons. Obviously knew in advance about what is happening.

Another strange moment – the Police did not pay attention to the car without license plates. Any Police officer can go and check the documents in the case of the sighted traffic violations. But no one came and asked about the numbers, no one tried to find out his identity.

The activists Chorny, Ustymenko and Shkreblyak were detained and taken to Porto-Frankivsk Police station. Detention was at 5-30 am. The record was after 10-00. Despite the fact that the Police has no right to detain anyone for more than 3 hours without any action and bases.

Alexander Marushevsky, Advisor to Chief of Police of Odessa region, said that starting to work, the Commission sent requests to the authorities of public utilities, municipal Police, Executive service, was raised the available documentation. Also submitted a request for an ambulance about the call for Alexey Chorny. Reviewed all administrative records, created by local policemen against activists.

The Police suggested that the creation of a joint commission is the right decision, which will allow to investigate the case more efficiently and versatile than if it only takes one internal investigation by the Police.

Kirill Filimonov, the organizer of the tent city, said that now there is the task of establishing the activities of each Police officer, and all results are transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office, which will give a legal assessment of the whole.

Participation in the demolition of the tent took not only Police officers. There were involved the Executive office, City Hall, which filed a lawsuit to ban the action. There are many questions to the then Head of the Legal Department of the Odessa City Council Alexander Ishchenko, who was present during the crackdown, and coordinated it.

Also it is necessary to evaluate the judges, who made the decision about the ban of peaceful demonstrations. This also applies to the judges of the district courts and appellate judges rejected the law claims of Euromaidan people. To figure out the identity of those, who carried out the dismantling. Rather, they are related to public services.

Anatoly Boyko believes that the creation of a joint group is a chance for the Police to improve their reputation. There are pros and for volunteers, who are able to get as much information from the part of the group that represents the Interior Ministry.

Anatoly Boyko said that if members of the public feel that the group’s work is sabotaged by the Police, then they will contact the Prosecutor’s Office and the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Vladislav Serdyuk said that if the outcome of the Police team will try to use the phrase “the guilt of Police officers is not seen” or recommendations will be “limited measures already taken”, the members of the public will not allow such a decision.

Alexander Marushevsky also assured that all those, who took force in the demolition of the tent city will be punished.

Anyone, who just participated in the cordon, primarily those who have grossly violated.

Vladislav Serdyuk concluded that when there was crackdown of Euromaidan at Duke, was not yet the war and victims of Kyiv Maidan. But that night in Odessa many officials did not sleep, many Police officers and all the local leadership. All this was done for 8 tents and two dozen boys and girls, clearly not aggressive. If the same Army of servicemen and officials did not sleep on the night of 1 to 2 May, the tragedy would not have happened. And no one has filed a lawsuit against the liquidation of the tent camp on the Kulikovo field.