Funny ride. May 16 in Odesa will be cycling festival

Juri Prazdnikov


Odesa, May 5, 2015 – Yuriy Prazdnikov, the leader of the public movement “VeloOdessa”, said at a briefing how festival of sport and cycling “Velobulvar 2015″ will be held in Odesa.


Festival “Velobulvar” in Odesa will be for the second time. The first time it was held in September 26 and gathered more than 2 thousand cyclists. On the Prymorsky Boulevard were organized various activities of sports, tourism, fairs orientation. The format this time will not change.


Festival “Velobulvar” will become permanent and will be held twice a year.


Yuriy Prazdnikov said that the last time the cyclists questioned why at “Velobulvare” there were no competitions. This time, the organizers have decided to correct this error. At the festival, from the Prymorsky Boulevard will be taken away all transport. Right on the road there will be road race, organized for different categories of participants.


Will compete fixers – those, who ride without brakes on light and beautiful bikes. Downhill Team will speed down the Potemkin Stairs.


According to Yuriy Prazdnikov, the last time at the festival was the competition “VeloMiss”, this time, in the spring, will be a competition “VeloMen” that men and women were at parity. Registration for participation will be carried out in social networks. All applicants will be a tough selection. The winner will be determined on the Prymorsky Boulevard among the best participants of the contests and competitions.


Yuriy Prazdnikov said that as at the Duke will be established a stage, on which will perform Odesa musicians and bands. From 9 am to 7 pm Prymorsky Boulevard will be the “Mecca” for cyclists and pedestrians. Festival events will start at 10 am with a children’s race. Participate in it can children from 2 to 15 years.


The purpose of “VeloOdessa”, according to Yuriy Prazdnikov – more cyclists in the city. This means cleaner air, less congestion, more than healthy people. For children will be raffled off children’s bicycle. The second draw will be for adults, respectively prize will be a bike for adults.


Yuriy Prazdnikov said that in Odesa there is a request of cyclists for funny ride. “Critical mass” in the city is developing well, but this is protest movement. In Odesa the cyclists have a query not just to ride through the city, but also to relax and have fun. Therefore appeared “Velobulvar”.


“Velobulvar” will be held on May 16. At one o’clock starts the ride “We are riding so”. There is a wish for the participants to dress in Odesa colors, caps and vests.


May 30, year ago, in Odesa should had been Ukrainian Cycle Day. But for security reasons, the organizers canceled it. As a result, in Odesa was the first “Critical Mass”. After Odesa “Mass” have been in Lviv, Kyiv, Vinnytsa, Chernivtsi.


Yuriy Prazdnikov told, April 30, City Council decided to create cycle circle of 7.5 km in the center of Odesa. It will pass through all the tourist, student and work routes. Activists continue cycling further develop and promote the plan to make Odesa more comfortable for cyclists. Within five years there will be 6 main cycle routes. Most of them will be on the sidewalks that are broad in Odesa. The only thing here, “suffer” motorists – to move their illegal parking on sidewalks.


On “Velobulvar” is expected to 5000 participants. Of all the guests of the festival will be the athletes actually about 20%. The rest of the people – ordinary Odesa residents, for whom the bicycle – it is a vehicle, not a sports equipment.


During the festival will run cycle school. For those, who cannot ride a bicycle and do not have it, but want to learn, the partners of the festival will provide 20 bicycles.


10% of the budget of “Velobulvar” will go to charity. According to Yuriy Prazdnikov, on the funds collected will be rebuilt several wheelchairs and will be bought a new one for the Odesa Clinical Hospital.