“Goblin-show”. In June in Odesa will be the seventeenth rally of bikers


Odesa, May 6, 2015 – Andriy Goblin, the organizer of biker festival «Goblin-Show» said at a briefing on the biker movement in Ukraine and about the rally of bikers in Odesa this year.


The festival takes place in Odesa since 1999. This year, it will remain in the same place – the stadium “Prodmash”. According to the biker, the location is very convenient because next to the playground there is sea and hotel.


The festival is free for girls and women. And the men at the entrance should pay. This is true for 17 years. “Goblin-Show” has no sponsors, all organized on their own. It brings people together and gives them a chance to rest in Odesa.


Holding of «Goblin-Show» was called into question last year and this year. The reason for that – a difficult situation in the country. But in the end, it was decided to hold it, because it is necessary to show the Ukrainians themselves, and our neighbors that Odesa continues to be a tourist center, a safe and hospitable city.


This year’s “Goblin-show” will be held traditionally from 11 to 15 June. Second bikers gathering of the year, which takes place in September and closes the motorcycle season, called “Autumn rock ‘n’ roll”.


According to Andriy Goblin, two years ago we were visited by thousands of motorcyclists. Now they, of course, will be less. Nevertheless, says the organizer of the show, we will attract to Odesa as many people as possible, that they may see that everything is fine, and rumors about the situation in the city is a lie.


Waiting Odesa motorcycle enthusiasts and Russian bikers, but now at the customs, according to Andriy, trying not to let to Ukraine strong young men and bikers is no exception. He himself is confident that the more Russians see with their own eyes how we all actually live, the better for our country.


Last year, several Russian bikers, after visiting the festival has changed dramatically the point of knowledge on the Ukrainian events in the direction different from what is usually told Russians on television about Ukraine.

There will be at the stadium the traditional rock festival. Last year, there were groups from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Russian, according to Andriy Goblin there were not. Most likely, this will be the same in this year.


Also will be, during the “Goblin-show”, the traditional parade of bikers.


Andriy Goblin says that being a biker – childhood dream, perhaps, of every man. First, they need a bicycle, and then they dream of mopeds and motorcycles. But then, it is often forgotten. And only some dream remains, and if there is a material possibility, they buy a motorcycle and become bikers.


There are no centralized organizations of bikers, some united in clubs. The slogan of this year’s rally, “Bikers of all countries, unite!”


Comment on the situation with biker Surgeon from the Russian “Night Wolves”, according to organizer of “Goblin-show”, not even worth it. True bikers are not engaged in public service, are not at the service of politics. On the contrary, the movement itself was born as a protest against the state machine.


As for visiting guests, all of them are welcome, but immediately warned the Russians that we will not allow them waving Russian flags and hang their “ribbons”. So – come, see, ride, we quarrel to no one.


The objective of the festival, says its organizer, is to promote motorcycling and moto tourism. It is not just a get-together, we show the city to moto tourists and do it in a civilized way, with excursions.


“Goblin-show” – a festival under Ukrainian flag. Previously, according to Andriy Goblin, at moto rally raise the flag of Ukraine and did not think a lot about it. And now bikers raise it on our festivals consciously.