Grand Christmas festivities and good deeds await for Odessa

Dobry Samarianin

Odessa, November 5, 2014 – Natalia Terekhova, coordinator of the project “The Odessa Public festival”, said at a briefing about the preparation for Christmas festival, whose main goal – to give a joyful mood and gifts to orphans, boarding schools, children of soldiers of ATO, and the children of refugees from the East of Ukraine.

The main idea of the project – a city filled with Christmas atmosphere. At the fair, there will be several locations. First of all is nativity scene, patriotic, with carols and performances, as well as live goats and sheep for the little ones.

Another location – “Odessa-mama treats”. There will be brought orphans and children from boarding, feed tasty and wholesome food.

There will be real festivities, with entertainment, music, dancing. In past years, celebrations attended to 35 thousand people. Entrance to the festivities is free. They will be held in the Gamow square, 3.

The project is focused on helping in organization of each odessite. It does not have a sponsor, or the person leading the project from beginning to end, there is only an initiative group that invites everyone to join this event.