Gunners of separatists pass tests, firing at the Ukrainian checkpoints

Alex Dobrozhansky

Odessa, January 16, 2015 – Alexander Dobrozhansky, volunteer, returned from the zone of ATO, said at a briefing on the situation at checkpoints under Mariupol.


The situation at the checkpoints in the sector M, where Odessa volunteers went, is relatively stable. With provisions situation is normal, stew is. With uniforms and shoes – worse. Regularly at these checkpoints can only get volunteers from Mariupol. There local believers created interfaith volunteer association, which included representatives of all religious faiths, apart Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. They help our soldiers warm clothes, shoes, cook borsch, rice, porridge.


According to volunteer, we cannot say about clear betrayal in a war zone, but often there is no harmonization between units, or commanders behave strangely, if not stupid.


Thus, the soldiers at a checkpoint told that night found near them scouts terrorists. But the commander gave the order not to open fire. At the same time in the morning came another commander and uttered all for not fired on the separatists.


Also nearby is the enemy gunners training center, where pass tests, firing at the Ukrainian checkpoints. And our soldiers cannot answer because of the ceasefire.


Still there is a sort of a general Kondratuk, who likes to check the position, especially following the purity and ready to send fighters to collect cigarette butts directly under fire from enemy artillery and snipers.


There, in the vicinity of Mariupol, Alexander Dobrozhansky met with a unique person with the call sign “Juliet”. This person had in his life 4856 clearance. He – a walking legend, now trains fighters. Volunteer is sure, that the Ukrainian elite now is there, in the East, protects the freedom of Ukraine.


In general, people of all ages, from 18 to 60 years defend Ukraine. Grandparents with sniper rifles, according to volunteer, he had seen many times.