Help for ATO fighters: there is a hotline to address and payment from regional budget



Iryna Markevich, Head of the Department of Social Protection of the Odesa Regional State Administration, Vyacheslav Polyasny, head of the Department of Health of RSA, presented a briefing about the telephone hotline for participants of ATO and their families.


Vyacheslav Polyasny reported that the hotline is organized on the basis of clock dispatch service center for emergency medical care. Its phone number: (048) 722-25-22, (067) 556-35-88.


The task of the center is round the clock coordination of all appeals of fighters and their families in matters of health, social welfare, housing and utilities, as well as issues of psychological help.


Manager receives a call, records it and transmits the problem to the appropriate service or department. And their representatives contact the applicant. On the results the applicant can then report on the same hotline. The results of the assistance provided will be considered at the weekly general duties.


Also there is a round the clock hotline of psychological care for members of ATO. For hospital treatment and rehabilitation for members of ATO allocated seats in Veterans Hospital and Odesa Medical Center (formerly Hospital of conductors).


Iryna Markevich said that the authorities want to reach the largest possible number of ATO participants. Specifically, 53 families of the dead fighters, five people, who have already established group of disability, 148 wounded and 39 people, who received the status of combatants. They will receive all the benefits as war veterans, amount to this status, rents, pensions, public services, lump-sum payments. All they can at any moment address to the hotline and their requests within ten minutes will be transmitted to the appropriate service request. It is possible to solve the issues in the same prosthesis. We work with all the services that provide all possible assistance to this category.


Another problem, according to Iryna Markevich, is that young people today are often not aware of the existence of social welfare services, so if they need medical or social assistance, they do not even know where to go.


March 6 session of the regional council has decided to provide monthly assistance to the families of perished – 2000 UAH. Children of military personnel, who are in the area of ​​ATO, each month will receive 300 UAH. People with disabilities have also been appointed a monthly stipend. Odesa mobilized citizens through regional budget will be paid a one-time amount – three thousand UAH.