Help for veterans. What payment will receive participants of World War II and ATO

Elena Philippova

Odesa, April 30, 2015 – Olena Filipova, Head of Personalized Accounting and Benefits Department of Social Welfare of RSA, said at a briefing on social protection of veterans of the Second World War and the participants of ATO.


According to the laws of Ukraine on the status of war veterans and guarantees of their social protection, to the war veterans belong war invalids, combatants and war veterans. The law also applies to people, who have special services to their country (Heroes of the Soviet Union, full gentlemen of the “Order of Glory”, persons, awarded four and more medals “For Courage”, Heroes of Socialist Labor, received the title during the Second World War, the heroes of Heaven Hundred) and family members of those killed or died war veterans.


A little more than 63 thousand people – are now listed in the State Register war veterans, enjoying privileges.


18 thousand 843 combatants. Status of combatants received 289 participant of ATO. Of these so far only 95 people were registered in social security agencies.


May 9 every veteran receives an annual one-time assistance. Payment is made before May 5. If the amount accrued and the recipient died, relatives receive money. The amount of assistance in this year is increased by 9%. War Invalids of 1 group, victims of Nazi persecution and veterans, which this year will celebrate 85 years or more, will receive 2 thousand 835 UAH. Invalids of the second group will receive UAH 2,475, disabled of 3 groups – 2 thousand 200 UAH, combatants under Article 6.1 will receive 875 UAH, involved in the fighting on the article 6.3 – 160 UAH.


In the Odesa region for a total of such payments will have more than 63 thousand people, in the amount of more than 47 million UAH, last year the recipients were of 2 thousand more, and the total amount of 44 million UAH.


3.5 thousand veterans of the war in this year will receive gifts in the form of food packages. It is those, who directly fought during the Second World War. Local governments can set their own fees and gifts. For example, in Odesa, was provided 23 million UAH. Payments amounted from 1 thousand UAH to 400 UAH. Children of War in Odesa will receive 200 UAH.


The sanatoriums, by the cost of state and regional budgets, in the past year have visited nearly a thousand of veterans. Were received 11 cars. Also was paid a one-time assistance for accommodation.


Families of the fighters, who were killed in the ATO, will receive a one-time help of 2 thousand UAH. Soldiers with disabilities will receive a stipend of 1 thousand UAH. One-time assistance to mobilize individuals will be 3 thousand UAH. Children of ATO participants will receive a monthly 300 UAH.


For each category, set its size and nature of the benefits. So, war invalids have a 100% discount on utility services within the approved standards. Combatants have a discount of 75%, war veterans and their family members – 50%.


Benefits are provided by organization-providers. The exemption granted from the date of appeal of personwith a statement and a document entitling to benefits. Social Security of Government reimburses these costs to enterprises.