Hooligan was not detained for St. George ribbon, but for the fact that he pulled up a Policeman

Alla Marchenko_0912
Odessa, December 9, 2014

Alla Marchenko, a spokesman for Research Affairs of Ukraine in the Odessa region, said at a briefing on the current situation in the city and in the region.

This week has been relatively quiet. The greatest impact caused an explosion of shop “Patriot”, which trades the state symbols and the Ukrainian national clothes. At night, December 3, unknown planted an explosive device to the doors of the shop. People from the explosion were not injured. Were damaged the car standing beside, as well as wall and window of the shop. In fact of what happened was opened criminal proceedings in the first part of article 258 of the Criminal Code “Terrorist act”. All collected materials were transferred to the Police and the SSU, which will investigate the matter further.

Weather conditions and electricity outages have strongly influenced the organization of traffic in Odessa. Already given instruction and personnel of Traffic Police, which aims to carry out manual control. The problem is that there is not required number of people to overlap each intersection. Therefore, only in the most extreme situations, the inspectors will be sent for manual adjustment of the road.

Also, due to the worsening of weather conditions, Traffic Police of Odessa region asks drivers to check the technical condition of their vehicles, to comply with traffic rules and be extremely careful.

Alla Marchenko commented on the detention by the Police from Kulikovo Field men with St. George ribbon on his clothes. As said the representative of Department of Internal Affairs, loud detention, as some media reported, was not. A police officer asked the man, who was present at the meeting of Antimaidan, remove from clothing St. George ribbon, not to provoke representatives of Self-Defense. The response was obscenely swearing and grabbing the clothes policeman.

For that he was subjected to administrative detention. Soon the court will determine whether he will get punishment of 15 days, or pay a fine.

Alla Marchenko denied the information about the rape of a young man, a representative of the public movement “Creative Youth +”. Casual acquaintance, which he brought to his home, beat and robbed him. Health professionals and victim survey showed that the rape was not, though about it spread information in social networks.