In a ruined by terrorists village Pisky, near Donetsk, died a prominent scientist



Odessa, October 31, 2014

Boris Gumenyuk, writer, second-in-command of Battalion OUN, said at a briefing on the situation in the region of Donetsk airport and sentiments of its defenders.

Before the war, Boris Gumenyuk was a writer; he is now the second-in-commandfor a long time. We did not start it, but we have to win it. Ukrainians are simply destined to win, otherwise they will not survive.

OUN battalion is located near the village Pisky, near Donetsk airport. They hold this position since August 12 of this year. Together with other units of the battalion “Dnepr-1″, volunteer corps “Right Sector” and 93th Mechanized Brigade, the battalion covers the right flank of the airport, for which continuing fierce battles.

Therefore, on the positions of the battalion there was no truce ever. There are fights every day. Terrorists are constantly firing with mortars. Often mimic attack, but sometimes come in real.

Because of the constant shelling in Pisky there aren’t undamaged houses. Almost all inhabitants of the village left. Those who stay, have nowhere to go. Ukrainian soldiers help them with food – canned food, canned meat, pasta.

Boris Gumenyuk told about a lonely man whose house has long remained intact. But then the house was hit with mine, the house burned down, now its owner lives in the basement of garage. In Pisky there is a cottage of a famous professor-biochemist. Scientist has not been actively worked because of health status. He did not want to go to relatives in Dnipropetrovsk, often came to talk to our soldiers. But then he disappeared for a few days. Soldiers suspected something was wrong, went to see him. Found him already dead, near the doghouse. He went out to feed the pet, and at this moment in his yard dropped a mine.

According to Boris Gumenyuk, among Ukrainian volunteers are fighting citizens of other countries, Russians, Italians, Azeris, Swedes, and Belarusians. The current war – it is not only between Ukraine and Russia. It is clearly understandable where good and evil is. So everyone who chooses the side of good, go to Ukraine to help its defenders. And these people do not care what say about that the official laws, because they are guided in their actions, in particular, the laws of morality, conscience and God.