In Grekov Art College are collapsing academic buildings

irina gusiuk

Odesa, March 20, 2015 – Iryna Gusyuk, leading teacher of the Odesa Art College named after Grekov said at a briefing about the problems of the Art College.


Housings of Art College – architectural monuments of the XIX century. The school was built by the community. The money was specially collected by people for the school of painting. Such schools still remain in Ukraine only 2 – in Odesa and Kharkiv. There were in Donetsk and Crimea. Feature of the schools is that they prepare students for a realistic classical painting.


In 1993, the school was on fire. Burned one of the buildings, where were an assembly hall and a library with unique books, workshops of teachers. It was a creative cultural platform, created 150 years ago, where it was collected together. Now this site is not.


School built specifically for artists. The sun misses its buildings; there is always a silver light, which allows a good study of nature. In tsarist Russia, such buildings were only two – in Odesa and St. Petersburg. In Soviet times, was built another one in Novosibirsk.


Restore the burned building and create such a platform is very important. But even worse, the burned housing pulls the destruction on its neighbors. Cracks are increasing almost daily. Through some already see the sky. School appealed to the Regional Administration for help. There promised to help as soon as possible.


In the meantime, said Iryna Gusyuk, we have to close two more workshops because of the threat of collapse. Soon it may be so that students simply have nowhere to learn.


Now in the school there are 259 students. In groups there are from 6 to 10 people. This is due to feature of the artistic learning process. There are four specialties: painting, sculpture, design and artistic decoration.


Repairs on their own – plaster, and all that, according to Iryna Gusyuk, do not help. Walls must be overhauled to sew. If stop the learning process, the city will lose school.


Art school is very expensive for the state. It is necessary to pay for nature, teachers. Therefore, the money for repairs no longer remains. Something Grekovka earns itself, the money goes to update the school, but major repairs they will not pull, here need some serious help from the state.


Photos of dilapidated buildings of Grekov Art College.