In Kazakhstan Maidan is impossible, boss there is like God


Vlad Kozhukhar, a correspondent of the regional newspaper “Eureka” of Aktobe (Kazakhstan) and the republican newspaper “Express K” told at a briefing, as Ukrainian political events of 2014 are seen from Kazakhstan.

According to the journalist, Russian propaganda works in Kazakhstan not as much as in Russia, but nevertheless, its influence is felt. In short, in this Eastern country they are trying to impose a vision of Ukrainians: evil “banderivtsi” want to join Europe, instigated by US to make a hairpin for Russia. The Nazis are everywhere, while ordinary citizens want to be with Russia and Putin-savior.

In Kazakhstan, as in Russia, kind to the theme of the Great Patriotic War and propagandists like to play on these issues. For example, show that Ukrainians do not revere the ribbons – a symbol of the victory over fascism, according to the Russian-Kazakh propagandists. It is concluded that Ukrainians are fascists. And no one is even trying to learn the history of the origin of these ribbons and how they are used in Ukraine by Russian terrorists.

But, in general, the influence of propaganda and anti-Ukrainian attitudes are not as strong, likely due to the geographical distance. Kazakhs logic here is simple: Ukraine is far from us, in the 3 thousand kilometers, they know better and they will manage themselves.
At the same time, said Vlad Kozhukhar, Maidan in Kazakhstan, in his opinion, is impossible, because in this country the chief is like God, and the word of the chief is like word of God.