In Odesa there are no national or inter-religious conflicts. Foreign forces are trying to divide society


Odesa, March 19, 2015 – Olena Lisiyenko, dean of historical and philosophical branch of the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after Ushynsky, Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Head of South Ukrainian Branch of the Sociological Association of Ukraine, Olexandr Dobroer, director of CO “European Institute of Social Communication”, theologian, sociologist of religion, held a briefing on “Interreligious value as a catalyst for harmony in society”.

Olexandr Dobroer invited journalists and all the progressive community to a scientific conference in the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after Ushynsky devoted to the problems of inter-religious dialogue in society. Odesa is multinational and multiconfessional city, so this conference is very important.

The conference venue is not accidental. Olena Lisiyenko recalled that in SUNPU n.a. Ushynsky have recently opened Faculty of Theology. Tomorrow’s conference, which will involve the students of this faculty, invited representatives of different religions, will show how all of us are capable of dialogue and peaceful resolution of our problems.

Olexandr Dobroer told that today in Odesa is not observed global religious conflicts. Moreover, representatives of different religions are now beginning to rediscover each other. Because believers long lived side by side, and only now become interested in how live members of other religions.

For example, recently a group of Christian youth visited the synagogue with a guided tour. We regularly hold prayers for peace, involving representatives of different religions in the same row are Muslim imam, rabbi, Catholic and Orthodox priests.

So we can generate a different future, not looking at our difficult past. This is the main principle of our actions, the way “stitching” of society.

Olena Lisiyenko said that the results of recent sociological studies show – now people in Ukraine do not divide ethnic, religious or economic relations and foreign policy separation, which they try to impose from the outside.

Olexandr Dobroer said that in Odesa is growing number of national religious communities, such as Muslim, but to say that some community behaves aggressively or impose their religion, we can’t.

Olena Lisiyenko added that the conference on interreligious dialogue will begin on March 19 at 11.00 in the main building of the South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University n.a. Ushynsky in the Staroportofrankivska street, 26. Registration of participants will start from 10.00.