In Odesa will show a film about the volunteers, who defended the Donetsk airport


Yaroslav Popov, Alexei Byk, Leonid Kanter


Odesa, March 11, 2015 – Leonid Kanter, one of the directors, Yaroslav Popov, editor, Alexei Byk, fighter of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, cyborg from Donetsk airport, the author of the song “ДобровольціБожоїЧоти”, told at a briefing about the Odesa premiere of the film “Добровольці Божої Чоти”.


Yaroslav Popov said that the film has got interesting; it allows the viewer to follow the roads of our war for freedom and evokes strong emotions. People cry at premieres and it is the main award for the authors of the film.


Although documentary movie, but built on the artistic laws. The film is not propaganda, similar to Russian. It is true, as it is. This is also a historical document, because the material was filmed in Donetsk airport directly during the fighting. This historical document about the defense of Donetsk airport, and it can still be useful to historians and lawyers.


The film has several directors, creating a kind of opinion, contributed to the final version and editor.


Alexei Byk said that for 23 years was a country Ukraine, but it did not have anything its own: no army, no movies. We were just people living in the area. Now we are seeing how being born Ukrainian nation, Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian Army, Ukrainian cinema. About the movie and the Army can be discussed separately, because they are born really national. VUC – a real people’s Army, because it does not have anything from the state. Weapons captured, everything else is delivered by volunteers. In this way VUC repeats UPA, which is also funded by the people.


The film, shot by Leonid Kanter, is unique. Such videos do not have on the Internet. Leonid ran at the airport with the camera, even without the machine gun.


Leonid Kanter noted that the film do not have the image of the enemy, has no hate. This film is about love. Our soldiers came to fight with love for their Homeland, and as lovingly filmed movie.


The film is not counter-propaganda, because it does not teach hatred. The picture is not talking about dates, numbers, but the emotions. On various human emotions: surprise, courage, cowardice, humor. All mixed up there. The authors of the film tried to hold the audience through the emotional state of the fighters. His timing is 85 minutes.


In each city, where the film was shown, all the shows were unique. People react differently. Someone was in the ATO, others simply empathize, and there are those, who remain indifferent and amorphous. In Odesa, as well as in Kherson front can break out at any moment. It also brings the specifics for the viewer, then, that he should make an effort to war did not come here.


Kids will watch this movie in history lessons. The only thing it has not – enemies. Because the film is not about them. The film characters – different people. There is a theater director, Bohemia, which became the commander, the second hero, too, commander, athlete, coach and educator, who came to the war after his three students were killed there. There are also killed heroes – tank commander, who grieved the death of his guys, and then was killed himself.


Ukrainian film is born an orphan. It has nowhere to go. Network does not provide for the show Ukrainian films. This is big business. Ukrainian film destroys their grid. We have to negotiate with each individual cinema. There do not believe in the success of Ukrainian films. Although premieres in some cities was such a sensation that people stood and looked even from the hall. In Kiev, has been showing for children. And the head teacher of a school wrote sms to director, that she for the first time saw full building of children, who sit and do not move.


With film history is as with the Army. All also thought that it did not exist. Once people believe in the Army, it appeared. It should also be with a movie. The film has already been shown in Italy and New Zealand. There are plans to send the film to the largest 200 international festivals. Abroad, the picture will be called “Ukrainians” for people to see our heroes, who fight for their freedom.


This is not the first authors’ film about the war in Donbas. Before this was a picture of “The War at our own expense”. It can be seen in Youtube. Screening of the film in Odessa starts today and will last two weeks. You can see it in the cinema network “ПланетаКино”, on Tairova in the mall “City Center”, on the village Kotovsky in “City Center Kotovsky”.