In Odessa begins lustration



Odessa, 17 October 2014

Lustration committee member in the Odessa region told a briefing that has already published a law on lustration and we have its first results.A large number of officials in the higher echelons of power have left of their own accord. 20 people were dismissed under the law on lustration. These are people who were the deputy minister, heads of departments. The only thing that worries in this aspect, we need to further leverage effect on these people. They cannot just go. Their work should be checked and punished for violations found, their past affairs.

In the near future we will witness the scandals and revelations, especially when officials will submit their property and income declarations. The wave of inspections to the local sphere has come a little later, but in the region there is a sufficient number of activists, and they will not leave alone those who have already marred in various corrupt practices. Members of the commission urged citizens of Odessa, which appeals to the concept of lustration, join lustration committee.

All attempts of the lustration committee to invite to the live shows at least one of the candidates from the opposition bloc were unsuccessful. Despite the fact that they were given security guarantees, ie no dumpsters. Lustration committee was formed on the Maidan. Its creation was initiated by Alexander Ostapenko. It includes a variety of journalists and experts. The composition has changed a lot, there come many volunteers. Now the Committee collaborates with prosecutors and the Interior Ministry. MIA is difficult to cooperate by all means; it prevents the lustration of its own employees. This is confirmed by the following figures: of the 10,000 police officers in the region, only 60 people went to volunteer in the zone of the ATO. Police fired a very small number of corrupt officials and offenders from their ranks, limited to “final warning”, which issued almost every tenth to the employee.

The prosecutor’s office is more open to cooperation with lustration committee. From there, fired several odious officials. There accepted check and taking measures to those about whom information provided to the Committee.

The system is rotten very much. It is understandable; to survive on a salary of two thousand UAH was impossible without engaging in corrupt schemes. But this does not exempt from liability corrupt. Decent people in the period of 2010-2013, just retired from the authorities, the Police and prosecutors. Those who stayed or came to work in this period – people with criminal thinking.

The first candidates for lustration are the members of the Party of Regions and the Communist Party. Lustration in the country takes place for the first time, which causes skepticism. In this regard, lustration committee expresses confidence that will bring it to the end. But for it goes faster, the committee calls on all concerned citizens of Odessa to join his work, communicate information about what houses have officials, judges, policemen and prosecutors, on what cars they ride.

However, the Committee will not be limited by the fact that those people are fired. It will require the prosecution of corrupt officials under the law. In this regard, Konstantin Tskhovrebashvili lamented the lack of a sufficient number of good-quality prison, because in the near future to 2 thousand former officials should be prosecuted for their criminal activities. The challenge is to make the punishment inevitable.

The representative of the lustration committee regrets that the lustration law does not apply to elected office. Therefore, a large number of regionals rushed to take part in the parliamentary elections. But it is their desire, according to Konstantin Tskhovrebashvili turn into disappointment because one of the first laws that will take the new parliament – will be depriving deputies’ immunity. Most of it will be pro-Ukrainian and pro-presidential, so ex-regionals there are simply nothing to do. Therefore mandate will not help them to avoid responsibility, for example, for the bribery of voters, which the ex-Regionals actively used in his election campaign. The main candidates for lustration in the Odessa region are Sergey Kivalov, Nikolai Skorik, and Alexander Pressman.