In sanatoriums, where IDPs live, installed heating



Odessa, October 31, 2014 Andrey Yatselenko, Acting Head of the Department of Family and Youth of the Odessa Regional State Administration, said at a briefing on how IDPs live in conditions of cooling in the Odessa region.

Now in the region are registered 14 113, of them 5574 children. Given unregistered, the real number of them comes to 25 thousand. In place of permanent residence back about 4 thousand people. Here are about 10 thousand. In Odessa live 1601 people, in Iljichiovsk – 624, in Yuzhnoe – 530, in Kominternovskoe district – 337, Ovidiopol district – 316, Belyaevka dstrict – 177. These are the people who have found themselves a place to live, and who were not placed in sanatoriums and state dispensaries.

Children of IDPs got health recreation in summer, many will also receive tickets to the camp “Molodaya Gvardia” during the winter holidays. Volunteers helped refugees in the amount of 9 million UAH, as for dispensaries and health centers, which house the settlers, the state already owes them for meals and accommodation of these people of 20 million UAH, by the end of the year the debt will grow by 13 million.

Many of the building, which will house the refugees, had no winter heating. They had a refit and install it. Some heating is already running, the rest should be connected next week. So far, all the rooms there are provided with electric heaters.

For the employment to the authorities applied 614 people, all students have attached to schools, children in the region attend kindergartens. In most gardens of Odessa deficit of seats, so there staged only those children, whose parents are officially employed.

Refugees continue to arrive in the Odessa region. According to Andrey Yatselenko, on average, is about 40 people. But about the same leaves back. As a rule, leave residents of liberated Slavyansk and Kramatorsk; come from those localities that are exposed to shelling.

However, officials say that the region has a reserve of 1,200 seats. Therefore, there will be no problems with the placement of new IDPs.