In the “Home Guard of DPR” are only Caucasians, drug addicts and ex-convicts


Odessa, November 13, 2014

Marina, a refugee from Gorlovka, said at a press briefing who runs the city now.
As for the so-called “Home Guard”, all local fled quickly from there. They went there for the money, but when they realized what is happening, they have gone. No forced conscription, but young people are quiet, trying not to walk through the streets and do not light up. Among the volunteers were only drug addicts, ex-convicts and alcoholics.
In Gorlovka there are three zones of prisoners, “DPR” invited them to join, but local authorities said that if someone would go there, get a hole below the belt.
One entrepreneur loved “DPR” before losing momentum, until they took his “Lexus”. Now he does not like them. And no one is safe from the fact that representatives of “DPR” can take anything they like away. Even if they do not like your gaze, you can quickly end up in the basement. At the same time, to leave and enter Gorlovka is quite real, especially for women. For men are much more complicated. They can pick to dig trenches, shipping bags.
In the city most of the militants are Russian mercenaries. Local fled or are at checkpoints. Caucasians from Russia behave as masters of life, walk around with guns.
In the district of Gorlovka Besarabka there is large checkpoint of separatists. There dug into the ground tanks, guns. From there, constantly are shelled Ukrainian troops. The school is located near it, but it does not work, because the parents are not allowed their children go there.