In Transnistria was detained opposition journalist on fabricated reason



Nicholai, son of Sergey Ilchenko, who was detained by KGB of Transnistria, Artem Inozemtsev, social activist, Oleg Hvoshchevsky, chairman of the executive committee of the “Union of Transnistrians in Ukraine”, held a briefing on the topic: “For what was detained Sergey Ilchenko. What will happen to the detained journalists in Transnistria”.


Nikolai Ilchenko said that on March 18 representatives of Transnistria KGB arrested his father. His father – a journalist Sergey Ilchenko, one of the few in Transnistria, who wrote the truth about the events in Ukraine. On March 21 was a trial, which was held behind closed doors, no one was allowed. As a result, Sergey Ilchenko was remanded – two months of arrest.


Transnistrian authorities accused him of extremism and calling for the overthrow of the government of Transnistria, calls go to war against Russia. Both father and son Ilchenko – citizens of Moldova, the opposition in Transnistria. On the eve of detention Sergey Ilchenko shot meeting in Tiraspol, where pensioners protested against the reduction of pensions by 30%. KGB officers of Transnistria asked to delete video; he did not and was detained. Now he faces up to 5 years in prison.


Artem Inozemtsev said that the arrest of Sergey Ilchenko not a single case of infringement of freedom of speech in Transnistria. There are closed all opposition websites, forums, news. He himself was framed in the same way as Ilchenko: hacked accounts in social networks and on his behalf published calls for extremist actions. So if he crosses the border, he will be immediately captured, or even killed.


Likewise, Sergey Ilchenko’s account likely was hacked, or used computer from his apartment, while he was in Odesa and did not use the Internet. And so did not even know about the danger and quietly went home.


Artem Inozemtsev noted that it was not the detention, but kidnapping, because there is no such country. In the prisons of Transnistria is full chaos. It’s not the deprivation of liberty, and the deprivation of life and health. Because there is no control. People are given only half a loaf of bread a day.


Over 25 years in Transnistria was not allowed to detainees any consular officer. And there are in prisons around a thousand Ukrainian citizens. There are judges, delivering such unconstitutional judgement. And then they came here in Odesa, relax and do shopping. It should not be.



Oleg Hvoshchevsky told there are real mechanisms to punish such people. All who do iniquity against the citizens of Ukraine should be punished if they fall on territory our state. But while the state does not stood up for its citizens. The political will is needed.


If in two weeks will not be released Sergey Ilchenko, his advocates and sympathizers will get to a neutral bridge between Ukraine and Transnistria for protest. Journalists from the Moldovan side will help them. If this does not help, activists intend not to allow and prevent the entry into Ukraine those, who infringe human rights. Themselves will detain them and hand in Ukrainian courts, as they illegally throw to prison people, including citizens of Ukraine.




People go from Transnistria for food, because here it is two times cheaper. And pensioners queuing at the border, otherwise they do not have enough to eat.