In transport sector corruption is rampant



Olexandr Zakharov, an adviser to the First Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, coordinator of the social movement “No to Corruption in transport”; Dmytro Sergienko, director of the Southern representation AIH, told at a briefing that despite statements about reform and the new guidelines, the transport sector remains in the hands of corrupt officials.


According to Olexandr Zakharov, now is happening profanation of customs work and actually a mockery of cargo owners and truckers. There is no single document that describes the procedure in the case of, for example, deviations weight of the container weighing 40 tons to several hundred pounds. Customs now using such minor discrepancy in weight can start on this basis custom weighing and customs clearance container. With that the deviation of 300 kg – less than 1% by weight. As a result, the freight forwarder is easier to pay the customs officer $ 50, than pay for weighing and lose precious time.


For a year community activists are trying to explain it to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Administration seaports. No reaction. Last year, weighed 200 thousand containers, 30 million UAH was spent on this by transport companies. The percentage of violations – about 0.5%.


Yes, smuggling was before. Now, private firms do not engage in it. Only the very customs.


British customs officers examine our customs at ports on the point of corruption, reveal it, but our government does not react to it. Do not use this experience.


According to Olexandr Zakharov, so soon we will be without the ports at all. Transit through ports disappeared. Imported goods have almost disappeared. Ports would soon be out of a job, like many companies carriers. Will only be commodity exports.


No understanding with the administration of ports, quarantine services and veterinary control, the Ministry of Infrastructure. Sometimes just talking to contact customs, and then only responds to specific complaints, not reforming the system so as to avoid the reasons for corruption.


Dmytro Sergienko said that he worked in the Ministry of Infrastructure for decades, but this non-professional composition of its management, as in the last two teams have never had. There are statements of support for reforms, but they will do them, if in the management of the Ministry is no person associated with the earlier transport, as well as anybody out there has no professional education.


Dmytro Sergienko said that now go on about the need to combat corruption. AIH prepared for the Minister a list of the 7 most pressing problems, leading to corruption.


Now all departments are focused on the Cabinet. Their work should be assessed for specific results, not reports to the Cabinet.


Officials of the highest rank favor smuggling for billions of dollars. This money loses budget. For example, Kalyetnik and Yanukovych favored supplies of gasoline, which is registered as a transit, but in fact remained in the country. These people stole billions on this scheme. How many stolen the new government, we do not know.


This smuggling must be sought there. And not to report on dozens unaccounted boxes with shoes. This is a pittance, which does not even pay back the cost of their discovery.