Independent Television of Yuzhnyi is going to shake the city

repost team

Odessa, November 11, 2014

Olga Godovenko, Natalia Mizyukina, and Olga Komarova, journalists of Juzniy edition «Re: post” told at a press briefing on the launch of a public independent television in Yuzhnyi.

Olga Godovenko reported that the project of public television in Yuzhnyi arises not from scratch. Until this year there was a news project, which was financed by the International Fund “Renaissance.” It was unique, exclusive news about the city. Previously Yuzhnyi information sites took information from other regional media, or from social networks. Project “Re: post” asked a different standard of quality: all the news was directly from the event, had a resonance in the society. The project has gained weight and the public love.

But the grant ended. And then, suddenly, the shopping center “Plaza”, offered on the rights of the partnership free use of the premises in the shopping center. Next came to help the residents of Yuzhnyi. They learned about the project from social networks, organized redecorating of the future studio, presented equipment and furniture.

Olga Komarova said that they were pleasantly surprised with support of people. After reading her message in Facebook that there is room in which you can do socially important programs, they completely took over the financial details, and with the room and the equipment. People believe in the project and its organizers.

Public Television of Yuzhnyi is almost ready to start, there are ideas and people willing to join the project. The new channel will broadcast on YouTube. Survey of residents indicated that they want the program begins at 19-00. Our audience – young people, we want them to communicate with us via Skype, organize an online discussion. We are charged with the idea that in a country need to change something, change something in the city. People stopped talking, all gone in the social network, in the city there is no place where they could gather and discuss pressing problems.

Natalia Mizyukina said that their goal is to wake up society, to change consciousness of people from Yuzhnyi. The city is very prosperous, so many have no citizenship. We want to grow in people patriotism, love for Ukraine. Going out in the current time and attract interesting people. We monitor social networks and understand what people are interested in, what attracts them. We have an active medium on

Now TV channels mostly reflect the point of view of business structures, their inaugural. We serve only the facts. Assessment of them will already give the viewer. Often there are complaints to us, and then we ask the person to bring the facts that would refute our story. Typically, this claim removed. But we are ready for trial. For this we work closely with lawyers, who specifically help the media to defend the right to give an objective picture of events.

The approximate launch of public television of Yuzhnyi held on 17 and 18 November at 19-00. this is not the last surprise in the media environment of Yuzhnyi. Authors of the project promises to citizens another surprise.