Independent Testing in 2015 will be different from last year

Marina Malik


Odessa, February 18, 2015 – Marina Malik, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science of the State Administration, Anatoliy Anisimov, director of the Odessa Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment held a briefing on “Features of the external evaluation in 2015″.


Marina Malik said that external independent testing takes place annually for many years. But this year, it will have a number of features. Back in the fall was approved schedule to prepare for the test. At school decorated corners with information about external independent evaluation. Also distribute printed information, conducted parent meetings and workshops with teachers.


January 5 started registration for external testing of this school year. Almost every school was launched work on the registration of students of 11 classes. Also in the region set up 4 points, in which you can create an account and get the information the graduates of previous years.


The first phase of registration ends on February 20th. Therefore, those who are planning to be tested this year, very little time left to register.


This year, the Odessa region, about 14 thousand graduates of 11 classes. On UIT currently registered about 9 thousand. But based on past experience, Marina Malik is sure, on 20th of February the number of registered children will be more.


This year, the External Independent Testing on the Ukrainian language and literature will coincide with the state certification. And it will take place much earlier than in previous years – April 24. Their results will be taken into account for admission to educational institutions, and will bear a certificate.


Another feature of this year – now a graduate can take the test on basic and advanced level. This system will be used for tests in the Ukrainian language and mathematics. Advanced level introduced at the request of universities, who want more carefully selected entrants.


Total graduates can register on 4 subjects. In order to know which items need to enroll in college, will have to learn about it in universities, and then written to the test on a particular subject. Just in universities should know what level of testing is required for admission there, basic or advanced.


Particular attention is given to the children of internally displaced persons. All of them registered and they will participate in the testing. Children will be able to sign up for the settlers testing and later than February 20.


Children, who for valid reasons have not been able to get to the External Testing, will be able to do so during the extra session from June 6 to July 9.


In March will be held on trial testing, so that children can assess their strength. Total in the region is planned to open 70 points for External Testing.


Anatoly Anisimov


Anatoly Anisimov explained that the time to register for the test is low, and it is better not to delay. Even if you do not have all the necessary documents, it is better to send those that exist, but declare their intention, and then bring the missing documents. Because after February 20 registration is not possible.


Last correspondence, which will take center – postmarked by February 20. From February 21 to April 21 will be given the opportunity to register the displaced. As for Odessa schools – all of them have already sent their packages with lists of graduates to the center of the External Testing.


21 and 28 of March will be held a dress rehearsal – trial testing. In the region will be open 29 test points, 12 of them directly in Odessa. At trial testing has already registered more than 5 thousand children, about one-third of the total number of graduates.


This year will introduce a threshold score. The goal – to make the results more accurate. Previously simply discarded those, who scored less than 124 balls on general subjects, or 140 points in the profile. Now this figure is dynamic, depending on the requirements of the university to the quality of the knowledge of the applicant. All who receive the score above a threshold score can apply to universities.


During the External Testing all will be honest. Will public observers, the press. To become an observer you should register at the site of center. Anatoly Anisimov said that it is important that there are as much independent observers.


Also during testing will be organized close cooperation with the Police, emergency, medical. Children will be protected during the evaluation.


The combination of testing and certification of the Ukrainian language and literature made in order to reduce the burden on graduates.


Those, who received certificates in the past and did not use them, will have to be tested again.


External testing will cost 89 UAH for one subject. Compared to last year it has not changed. This year will decide on the delivery of children from villages in the districts to carry out testing on the Ukrainian language and literature, which are aligned with state certification.