Instead of subsidies, the government should promote a program of modernization of residential buildings


Odesa, April 1, 2015 – Yevgeniy Malnev, chairman of the Association “Odesa Housing Alliance”, gave a briefing on the topic: “Energy efficiency in housing stock: ideas and new concepts. How it can be applied in reality”.


When began an undeclared war between Russia and Ukraine, in the city were pro-Russian citizens, we, for our money, were repairing equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The country has pledged billions of hryvnia for subsidies to the public. Another 37 billion will be spent to subsidize “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and heat supply companies. All in all it’s more than 60 billion UAH. Who gets all this money – the country-aggressor, which sells us gas, and oligarchs who own the energy sector. Who is interested in energy savings? These are not the oligarchs and not the government. Only we are interested in energy savings, the citizens of Ukraine.


The government says – we are giving subsidies, and you take loans, upgrade your housing. Subsidies will be 30%, for those who cannot pay the loan. So, take out a loan should the remaining 70%, to pull the load for themselves, and those of the remaining 30%.


State instead of benefits and subsidies should upgrade houses. This will allow several times to reduce energy consumption and help not only subsidies for those, who cannot pay.


HOAs and HBC were excluded from the non-profit organizations. This means that any accumulation on the thermo-modernization now fall under taxation. We appealed to the Verkhovna Rada. There passed a law that returns condominium and HCC status of non-profit organizations. It is on the President’s signature. We hope he will sign it. Although there are anecdotal reports that this prevents the Cabinet.


During the existence of the condominium and HCC, had no help from the state. The main problem – the lack of money. 30% of citizens are eligible for subsidies. This means that these citizens are not in a position to independently maintain their homes. It is necessary to change the conceptual approach and the payment of benefits to the population. It is necessary to upgrade the housing so that all were then able to pay utility bills.


Poverty HBC and condominiums is due to the fact that citizens are not willing to spend much on maintenance of housing in decent condition. To collect money from citizens is impossible, even if the court win. Delayed the process for an individual contract between tenants and “Infoksvodokanal”. Natural monopolies shift some of their costs and responsibilities on the shoulders of HBC and condominiums.


In Odesa, there is one thermo-modernized house. We cannot say that everything is done as it should be. But even so, they pay now for heat 2 times less than in neighboring houses. Cabinet allocated money for the modernization of boilers and heating mains. In housing money was not invested.


Have a good experience in Lutsk. There was a ragged nine-floor house, now it’s a brand-new house, where people pay for heat several times less than in the neighboring houses. The first experience was sponsored by a local businessman. Then there were three more modernized home due credit.


We offer in Odesa to make 3 projects to modernize 16-floor house, 9-floor and five-floor houses, to understand how much it will cost. Need the will and desire of the authorities. They also still agree only in words. Insulation should be handled by experts, not amateurs. Often the effect of unauthorized insulation reduces effect in 5-6 years to zero, due to the fact that increasing humidity of warming layer. It is proved that the greatest effect of energy conservation and economic payback gives a complex thermo-modernization of entire building.