What does the insulation of high-rise buildings can give and how much does it cost


Odessa, December 24, 2014 – Svetlana Slesarenok, head of public organization “Mama-86-Odessa”, said at a briefing on the experience of warming multistory building in Odessa, how achieved savings, and how to attract funding for this.

Public organization “Mama-86″ was created by women of Luzanovka. The goal was – to fight against environmental pollution of the district due steaming railroad station nearby. Horrible smells literally did not let people live, six people died and a possible cause of death were poisonous with fumes of the steam station. Activists have organized residents to fight this scourge, and after several years of struggle the station had been closed.

Then, thanks to their efforts, a new sewage pumping station was built for the village Kotovsky. There were many projects, including the construction of warm ecotoilets in five rural schools.

Now one of the most relevant topics in our country – it is energy saving. Ukraine – one of the most energy-efficient countries, and we or freeze in the apartments or open the windows because of the heat.

But energy efficiency measures are very costly. We have specialists and technology, but there is no funding. Another problem is information. People do not know about the problem, do not know that themselves can increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

In Poland, decided firstly to convert the boiler and heating duct, then began to warm the houses, and found that one-third of the heat produced is simply not needed, it turned out to be superfluous. Therefore, it is important to approach the problem comprehensively, in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

The improving of energy efficiency is as efficiently as possible, if the house is overhauled. In Sweden, for heating of 1 m sq. of living space per year spend of energy is 5 times less than in Ukraine, Germany – in 3 times, in Poland – 2 times less.

2 years ago it was decided to reorganize the thermalsanitation of 12-storey building in Sakharov St., 42 that in the village of Kotovsky. It was decided to conduct a comprehensive insulation of whole building envelope with layer of 15 cm, complete replacement of heating systems, windows.

The house has warm and cool apartments. House is warming unevenly. This will be fixed. In each apartment will be set the unit heat regulation. Each resident will be able to determine the temperature in his apartment and pay for heat depending on the flow rate. Also in apartments will be set allocators – devices that take into account the heat consumption, readings from which will be remotely.

The cost of the work will be about 20 million UAH. Part of the cost of the project organizers expect to receive from the City Council. Part of the fund itself will take on the Ministry of Environment of Germany. Part will have to pay the tenants. Field supervision of the project will implement architectural firm from Hamburg.

After all the cost of the heat should be reduced by 70% and the energy reaches the Swedish figures.

Negotiations are underway with banks of Germany to provide targeted loans at preferential interest rates for the thermal rehabilitation of homes in Odessa. While in Ukraine there has been no comprehensive reconstruction of a building, were conducted only partial insulation measures. The community members have an idea to create a revolving fund to finance projects to increase energy efficiency.

Work at house in Sakharov St., 42 should begin in May and June 2015. This is in the case if the budget committee of the City Council will take a positive decision on participation in the project.

Svetlana Slesarenok noted that events on increase of energy efficiency equivalent to opening a second front in this difficult time. If you change, modernize the structure of heat consumption in the country, we will not have to buy energy abroad, to build new power units.