The investigation of the events on May 2 collapses in court

Tatiana Gerasimova


January 23, 2015 – Tatiana Gerasimova, journalist, coordinator of the May 2 Group told at a briefing about the beginning of trial for investigation of the events May 2, 2014 in Odessa.


Activist expressed strong concern about what she saw in court yesterday. Group on Public inquiry of the events on May 2 predicted it in September. In fact, the case falls apart. Case, which, according to Tatiana Gerasimova, was riveted by 140 investigators from Kiev. While the court handed 32 volumes, but other than waste paper they cannot be named.


Yesterday the preliminary stage of the trial began only in the evening. Immediately began with complaints against prosecutors. Starting with the fact that the prosecutor came to court dressed in civilian clothes, and ending with the fact that he proposed to extend the period of detention by the accused, does not provide the necessary evidence for this.


There is a violation of the constitutional rights of the people in the court, on the part of prosecutors and investigators, and Primorsky Court of Odessa.


Yesterday we again saw the pressure on the court by representatives of the political side. According to Tatiana Gerasimova, she often sees the exact same company of people from Kulikovo Field. They do not violate the laws and behave calmly. Although, she did not like their ideas and intentions. At the same time in the courtroom yesterday broke men in camouflage and began to sing the national anthem. Thereby humiliating this our state symbol. We fought a lot to hold the court in Odessa. There were attempts to transfer the process to another city. There it simply would not take place. Because at the same time to gather dozens of suspects, victims in one same place in other city will be impossible.


We are all interested that the process was in Odessa, illuminated by the media, and no one fails.


Already on the preliminary stage can be seen, that it is falling apart, we see icky face of prosecutors. It can be seen that the investigation has not made any steps to the dock were the organizers of what happened and the real killers performers.


In the meantime, Tatiana Gerasimova proposes to move the process in a more spacious room. The hall of Odessa Regional Court of Appeal for this fits perfectly. There you can put the cage for suspects, accommodate about 700 people, including journalists and security.


It’s not going to be easy. It is now clear that the part of the investigation and the prosecution will attempt to pressure on the court to save face. Therefore the activist calls upon everyone not to help them, not to allow bringing the court to a state, where it will be forced to suspend the process. This means not to take any illegal actions, to prevent disturbances in connection with this case.


The case from the outset took a turn of political order. The investigation considers only one version, that’s all.


In the court some part of those present, especially suspects themselves and their relatives, said that they are going to investigate the case themselves, as represented by 32 volumes of the results of the investigation – is waste paper. And before a court other people wanted to take over the functions of the court. This is a very dangerous trend when outdoor elements will replace the legitimate authorities.