Lisa Bogutskaya: Crimean self-defense would kill just for the word “Ukraine”

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September 11, 2014
Lisa Bogutskaya, a Crimean activist, blogger told a briefing the details of her detention by Russian Secret Services and what is happening now in Crimea.
Now Crimea is preparing for the elections to local councils. All of the Party of Regions has remained in the same structure, and are running from the Russian pro-government party “United Russia” and “Fair Russia”. The pre-election situation is quite complicated. Many remained Ukrainians in their hearts and Ukrainian patriots, although they are ethnic Russians.
The party of government “United Russia” calls itself the party of winners. The norm in Crimea now – billboards on the highway with Leonid Brezhnev, and advertising of the Soviet Union. Soviet trend captured Crimea to such an extent that the sober-minded people have an impression that they are living in a nightmare.
Crimea is known primarily as a resort. Indicative season May 1-10 was zero. In June no one came too. Russian tourists appeared only in mid-July. The great bulk of them are the tourists with no money. Previously, prices in Crimea for such visitors were low. Prices rose, in any case, higher than simple currency conversion. Most of all have improved them pharmacy. Wages of state employees doubled, the pension tripled. Putin bought state employees. But after the elections schedules the recalculation. In the meantime, the level of salaries and pensions in Crimea is close to Moscow, as well as prices. After conversion there are fears that such prices will remain, and the salaries with pensions will fall to the level of Kostroma and Saratov. If you come to the store with 500 rubles – it’s only for pasta with sausage. The purse is breaking from these rubles, but they fly away in the unknown direction. And pensioners and state employees now began to pay attention that they are lacking. But this is not the end of rising prices. So far, in Crimea did not raise the cost of utilities, which in Russia is much higher than in Ukraine.
Lisa Bogutskaya also told the details of her arrest. Russia does not necessarily need a reason to make you detained. FederalSecurity Service officers came to her home at half past five in the morning. Illegally entered the yard, wounded the dog. In Russia, it is not necessary to search the prosecutor’s order. The investigator’s sanctions are enough. They were looking for ammunition, projectiles, drugs and forbidden literature. In Ukraine, there is no such thing as forbidden literature, Russia already has. According to the paper, which was granted, came out that Lisa Bogutskaya is a witness, but they searched the house.
They found nothing and decided that they should remove all the equipment, even navigators from cars. They invited to go with them. The words “extremism”, “terrorism”, “incitement of ethnic hatred” were heard. Ukrainian patriot was brought to the “Center of combating extremism,” the former OCD. All of the low positions remained the same, those who took bribes, were corrupt. They are fundamentally different from the investigators and superiors. These are all now out of Russia. They went through the school of the FSS, handsome, softly spoken, and polite.
In Russia the rights of a lawyer are not such as in Ukraine. A lawyer may be on the interrogation, but cannot communicate with his client. Nevertheless, the lawyer really helped Bogutskaya. In Russia, they are clinging to every word that seems harmless. The interrogation was not about extremist, but the arrival in the Crimea Mustafa Dzhamilev in May. When Lisa Bogutskaya returned home, she and her husband with children decided that she needed to go from there. That the green corridor, which she had, the next time may be closed.
In Crimea, according to Lisa Bogutskaya, only she went with the Ukrainian flag on the car. When she moved into Ukraine and saw a large yellow-blue flag, she felt a sense of freedom and patriotism and an incredible relief. An activist said that she would return to Crimea only with Ukraine.
Another example that many people in Crimea against their will live under Russia is that indignation with which the mothers, in a classroom where learning Lysa’s child, took the news that in the school will no longer be teaching the Ukrainian language. But in the “constitution” of Crimea, Ukrainian and the Crimean Tatar designated as state languages.
Another new Crimean reality: all leadership positions there have placed the people from Russia. In this case, Ukrainians are constantly being lectured and taunted. This applies to a variety of areas: from IT, to education. The paradox lies in the fact that the Russians operate concepts and techniques that are well known in Ukraine and even in general are no longer used, they give them for innovative. Crimea back to the past, not only ideologically, but also technically.
In this case, the Patriots are willing to sit in Crimea without food, without electricity and water. Just to hasten the moment when Crimea returns to the jurisdiction of Ukraine, and are very indignant that we continue to deliver food and energy there.
The big problem for Crimea is the so-called “self-defense”. These are ex-gopniks and drug addicts with arms. They are more dangerous than any of the Russian elite. They want to kill only for one word “Ukraine”.
The bulk of the Crimean people took Russian passports under duress. Although, if there were a voting in which state they want to live, the choice fell to Ukraine. When in Crimea will be real “Kostroma”, then most will understand what actually was better for them. And those who refused to change the passport, are living very difficult. Now is not easy to be a patriot of Ukraine in Crimea. There is no opportunity to work, to receive social benefits. Russia and Putin are driving the Crimean Ukrainians to their state by force.