Little “UkrOP”s and Kivalov. Mark Gordienko told about the summer patriotic camp for teenagers and struggle with Kivalov

Mark Gordienko

Odesa, May 5, 2015 – Mark Gordienko, chairman of “Rada Gromadskoi Bezpeky”, said at a briefing about the military-patriotic summer courses for teens in the camp “UkrOP”.


In anticipation of the summer holiday camp “UkrOP” started a pilot project to work with high school kids. It has already been trained the first group. Teens try to drive a car, a motorcycle, have tactical, medical training.


Mark Gordienko said that RGB plans to continue to implement a scout format. In the summer it will be open military field camp. The first run was a trial for two days. On vacation period will be 10 days. The camp is designed for children of 12-16 years. It is planned that a vacation will be free. It all depends, according to Mark Gordienko, on resources, which the organization will have at that time.


But even if it is introduced some cost, it is, according to the activist, accessible to all. The project is definitely not commercial.


During each tour will rest up to 30 people. It is also planned to hold military-patriotic lectures and educational programs. Camp participants will live in tents, eat in the military field kitchen. In the camp there are live animals – a dog, a horse, a donkey and a pony. All of them could not contain their hosts and the organizers gave them shelter.


Responding to a reporter’s question, Mark Gordienko said that RGB has sued the International State University (a private university owned by Serhiy Kivalov). The reason – the illegal building and forced off the land in the city. The claim is of a huge volume, lawyers of RGB prepared it for two months.


More news about Kivalov – he through the courts blocks check by tax inspection Odesa National Academy of Law. The Academy has not been tested for 13 years. And the judge makes every effort to delay the test. At trial, there was a feeling that Law Academy sued the tax, but not vice versa.


Also Mark Gordienko said that at the site of one of the sewing schools now there is college. There’s the sign indicated that it is College of the Academy and State University. In fact, the owners of the premises described how instead of the intended cooperation, Kivalov, in fact, overcame these premises. When people tried to resist, wrote letters to the prosecutor, Kivalov was covering with children, stating that the owners will not return the property back because behind Kivalov there are two thousand children. Neither at the Academy or at ISU, in licensing documents do not indicate that they can conduct training at Biscuit lane 5. By and large, says Mark Gordienko, everything that makes Kivalov and Law Academy – lies, deception and betrayal. Kivalov stole not only from the owners not only premises in Sponge Lane 5, but the property at $ 1 million. It’s a paradox, an activist surprised that the future lawyers in college will be taught in dishonesty wrung out room. But sooner or later the truth will prevail, so Mark Gordienko does not advise anyone to enter this place.


Kivalov, the activist is sure, is a symbol of corruption and evil in Odesa, spreading tentacles throughout Odesa. While Kivalov smiling and manages the state institution of higher education, the fight against corruption is out of the question. Civil society is, according to Mark Gordienko, beating on Kivalov, like a fish on the ice.


Now the situation has gained public attention to the so-called House of receptions of ISU, which is known among the inhabitants of Odesa as the Castle of Harry Potter, and is actually a privately owned by Kivalov. Land with the building, the activist is sure, should go back to the state. The building can be accommodated for rehabilitation center for soldiers of ATO or sick children or orphans.