Lustration is stalling. Kominternovo senders of “titushka”s to the Maidan have not yet been punished


Odesa, May 6, 2015- Leonid Kolisnichenko, activist of Kryzhanovka community, Genadiy Korolyov, the commander of a civil formation “Odesa Maritime Self-Defense”, Serhiy Gutsalyuk, social activist, Korsuntsi, Kominternovo district, Varvara Chernoivanenko, a spokesman of the Right Sector of Odesa, held a briefing on topic: “Who and why is still not punished for organization of “titushka”s from Kominternovo district to Maidan”.


Serhiy Gutsalyuk told that on May 5 hosted a meeting of the Coordination Rada of NGOs of Maidan, where a decision was made to appeal to the leaders of the prosecutor’s office and the SSU that on the territory of Kominternovo district of Odesa region since the time of Yanukovych continues mayhem, perpetrated by the members of former Party of Regions, under the leadership of the former head of the DSA Ivan Marzak.


These people since 2010 practiced persecution of unwanted people. During the 2012 elections they burned cars, destroyed property of activists, who opposed them. Even then, their unit was established, which became the prototype of “titushka”s, they do iniquity.


During the Revolution of Dignity Ivan Marzak was using administrative resources, state employees were sent on Kulikovo field. Scherbich, Fontan club’s head gathered and sent “titushka”s to the Maidan in Kyiv.


Now these people are going to regain the legitimate power in local elections. But in fact, they did not lose it and continuing to intimidate rural councils and local communities of Kominternovo district.


Varvara Chernoivanenko reported that now she is not only representing the Right Sector, but also the headquarters of the Patriotic Forces of Odesa region. All members of staff have signed this appeal. They consider it necessary to deal with the representatives of the old regime. Varvara Chernoivanenko is sure that if people like Marzak not squeeze out of their seats, they are repainted, but will not change in essence. They must fall under lustration.


Leonid Kolesnichenko, Kryzhanovka resident, said that in August ’13 Marzak and Scherbich gathered “titushka”s and sent them to study at the training center of Frontier Troops of Ukraine. These “titushka”s then, in early 2014 went to the Maidan in Kyiv. In statements at their place of work, it was noted they were in their workplaces. Some of them were detained on the road. They admitted that they had received for their illegal activities 1 thousand UAH per day. Kominternovo District Attorney, according to Leonid Kolesnichenko, did not react to this statement, calling himself a legal eunuch.


The activist is outraged by the fact that we cannot give the participants of ATO several acres of land and Marzak with Dyakov got a few hectares of land in Krasnoselka and Aleksandrovka. The documents drawn up in their entourage. Now members of the district council handed out budget money and say that it is from the Opposition bloc.


Genadiy Korolyov said that in Kominternovo district, because of companies located there and the proximity to Odesa, the local budget enters a lot of money. Therefore, there are many business interests are intertwined. Diagrams created with Marzak act until now, no one can hide. Activists urged residents of coastal settlements in Kominternovo district not to be afraid to report the known facts of abuse. Self-defense is taken to protect them from possible reprisals.


Leonid Kolesnichenko said that district residents of Kominternovo want to be represented by local deputies, rather than living in other areas or in Odesa. And so they just lobby their business interests. But to gather a quorum of district council about the problems of the district is not possible, they are not interested.


The activist noted that in Odesa region is impossible to get on to the heads of prosecutors and Police. It is easier to do in Kyiv, at the senior management of the Police and the prosecutor’s office, than here.


Leonid Kolesnichenko complains that he provides law enforcement agencies not only indictments. All of them are supported by the evidence, certificates, invoices, but there is no reaction. Corrupt only transferred from post to post, continuing as before to commit crimes.


Varvara Chernoivanenko noted that if the law enforcement bodies of the region will not respond to criminal activity of the former PR members, the patriotic forces of direct action reserve the right to act at their own discretion.